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Hi! I'm Sally Sample Student!

posted Feb 18, 2010, 10:05 AM by Peter Oskin   [ updated Feb 18, 2010, 10:27 AM ]

Hello! My name is Sally Sample Student! This is my blog for Oskin's WorldLit class. In this first entry I will describe myself in about 250 words, provide a link to a favorite website of mine, and include a photo of some sort that means something to me. The goal of this first entry is for me to get used to the blogging system on this website, including all of the tools. Overall, this should be an easy entry to complete and an easy system to use for this project.

One drawback of this system is no spell check. Meaning, I need to be careful about my spelling, since it and grammar count when Oskin grades these entries! If I use the Firefox web browser it has a built-in spell check, so that should help some.

This is my link for something interesting. I linked to Google because I'm just a sample student entry, you, hopefully, will link to something more interesting. 

When uploading a photo, remember, you can control how it looks on the page after you upload it. Play around with the control and integrate the photo into your page. When you do that it looks so much more professional than if you just plunk it on the page.

Remember something important about use of this website: we have to trust each other! You can edit any content across this entire site (for the most part)- so if you screw something up on another page, you are screwing up life for everyone. Please don't do that; remember, Oskin is informed any time any page is changed on the whole site.

That's about it for me- please feel free to ask Oskin any questions you may have!

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