They Poured Fire Blog Entry Questions

They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky Specific Questions:
  1. What does the African proverb at the beginning of the book, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled” mean to you?
  2. Most of us can only remember a few events from our early life.  What do you think accounts for the three boys being able to remember so much detail? 
  3. This book was the book dedicated to Monyde.  What does he symbolize?
  4. These boys lost their homes, their families, were thrust into terrible suffering and saw things we as adults never experience.  What do you think made them want to keep going at times when it would have been so easy to just sit under a tree and leave all of that pain?
  5. Education seemed to be very important to the Lost Boys.  What do you think sparked that desire?
  6. Why do you think the co-author, Judy A. Bernstein, opens the memoir with an Introduction and ends it with an Epilogue?
  7. What did you find surprising about the information introduced in this book?
  8. How has reading They Poured Fire changed your ideas about the people and country of Sudan? 
  9. How did this book make you feel about your own life?
  10. Is the situation in Sudan a war or genocide?  What is happening today in that country?
  11. What do you think America’s role should be when these terrible things are happening around the world and innocent victims like children are suffering and dying?
  12. Is your lasting impression of “They Poured Fire…” one of hope, or of despair?  Will anything change in the world?
  13. Think about Imperialism and the role of Britain in the formation of Sudan. Research and find comparisons with another country affected by Imperialism. Provide links to your sources.