End of the Quarter Announcements

posted Apr 10, 2010, 8:59 AM by Peter Oskin
Our grading period ends Friday, April 16th. This is a transcript grade, NOT a progress grade. Things to know to get you through this week:

Your last blog entry of the quarter is due Monday.

Notebook collection schedule:
  • Period 4: Ashbury-Massey
  • Period 3: Anderson-Kim
  • Period 4:Nguyen-Villavazo
  • Period 3: Kounlabouth-Xayasone
Timed writing final for the quarter is Friday. It will be worth 100 test points. We will research for this final Monday and Tuesday, and outline for it Wednesday. On Thursday we will either continue to outline or do background for our next book, Q&A.

Your bathroom passes will be collected Thursday for extra credit. New passes will be issued next Monday.

Monday, April 19th, I will give you a printout of your final grade. That Monday your grade resets- we start fresh!