Class Materials

They Poured Fire On Us From the Sky

Background PowerPoint

Outline Map of Sudan
Political and physical outline maps of Africa

Imperialism Slides

Imperialism Reading (see Oskin for copy)

DIRECTIONS: Read the news story and answer the questions below using a complete sentence. Either copy the questions OR include them in your complete sentence.
  1. What is Coltan? How is it obtained? Why is it important?
  2. Summarize in a short paragraph the history and modern circumstances of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  3. Describe the life of Munkako Bangazuna.
  4. Name a way that  the author contrast the natural surroundings and the business of mining?
  5. Describe the process of mining for coltan, as done by Jean Pierre Asikima.
  6. How have  the United Nations Security Council and large businesses reacted to the mining of coltan in the Congo?
  7. Why is mining less attractive to people in the Congo than it used to be? Why did this change happen?
  8. Why is Aloys Tegera not against Coltan mining? 
  9.  How is Robert Sussman running a "good" coltan mining company. What problems is he facing.
  10. Think about what you are reading in "They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky" and our study of Imperialism. What sort of comparisons and contrasts can you draw with this article? 1/2 page response, be prepared to discuss.
Enriques Journey
Questions for "Portrait of Unauthorized Immigrants"

DIRECTIONS: Read the study executive summary and answer the questions below using a complete sentence. Either copy the questions OR include them in your complete sentence.
  1. What are the key findings of this study?
  2. Summarize the demographic information (where are they from) about unauthorized immigrants.
  3. Name 2 ways that where immigrants live has changed in recent years (think amount and location).
  4. How do unauthorized immigrant families and children differ from US citizens and legal migrants?
  5. What amount of school children have at least 1 unauthorized immigrant parent? What is the legal status of a majority of these children?
  6. What state has the highest percentage of unauthorized immigrant workers? Lowest? What about overall in the US? What sort of occupations does this group have?
  7. Summarize each of the 'Other Major Findings'.
THEN, create an infographic of what you and your group consider to be the important information found in this document. Remember, an infographic is not just charts, tables, and graphs- but a visual way of telling the story of the information. 

Your infographic will be completed on a separate sheet of paper and turned in for a grade. Neatness, color, correct data, and 'telling of an overall story' will count towards your grade (50 points)

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