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Describe Enrique’s final journey into the United States.

posted Apr 8, 2010, 10:39 AM by Big Fudge   [ updated Apr 12, 2010, 8:31 PM ]
Enrique's Journey is filled with continuous attempts to the States, but as he gets closer and closer to his destination things get rougher. Not being able to stand the stress of the journey, he contacts his mother and asks her if she would be willing to pay off a smuggler. Enrique did his homework on the smuggler and finds his "credentials" are exactly what he needs to get safely to North Carolina and to his Mardre with the cost starting at 1,200 US dollars. Seeing how I was careless enough to leave my book inside my locker, I'm going off my memory so bare with me. The smuggler, Enrique, and two other people meet up during the night, they exchanged a quick word about how if they get caught the smuggler doesn't know any of them. The make their way across a river using some inner tubes having to keep in mind that they need to keep their splashing to a bare minimum. After they reach land, Enrique is saying to himself about how it being the first time he touched US soil and how freedom felt amazing. The smuggler told them to change into some dry cloths as soon as they reached land, the two other people say their goodbye's as Enrique and the smuggler dude are picked up in a jeep where they make their way into Texas. Some time passes maybe with in a week the smugglers contact Enrique's mom saying that it would cost an extra 500 to get him to Orlando, Florida where they could pick him up. After a security check, Enrique's mom agrees and has her boyfriend pick him up. All and all, Enrique finally did it. He finally made it to the US. But now, new problems arise both on the home front and with his reunited mum.