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To kill or Not to kill Prem Kumar.

posted May 2, 2010, 6:28 PM by Big Fudge   [ updated May 2, 2010, 7:32 PM ]
Considering he believes he's already murdered two people, why is Ram unable to kill Prem Kumar?

 When Ram confronts Prem in the bathroom, he already has the mind set that if he kills him then he wouldn't really care about the outcome because he would've fulfilled his vengeance. Prem tries to talk Ram into letting him know the answer to the last question so he could win the billion rupees and let him go. Ram answers with, "What would I do with all that wealth? Eventually a man needs just six feet of cloth for his shroud."(307) But when Ram is trying to bring about all of his anger so he could pull the trigger on this man, he finds he cannot. He tries to bring up images in his mind of what Prem has done to Neelima and Nita. He tries to bring up the anger from all of his past turmoil, from the blooded corpse of Father Timothy to the wilted body of Shankar. And yet with all that he just could not find the strength to pull the trigger. I think he was envisioning the ways that money could be used for the better. Pay for Nita's recovery and he release, ensure they would live a comfortable life style. After he wins the game show and the prosecution fails, he does get together with Nita, he also acts as Salim's producer under an allies. He then helped out the disabled kids by sending them to a well known child-welfare agency, and has Lajwanti staying with him as well. So all an all, not killing Prem Kumar was a good thing for him.