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Ram had a recurring dream of a tall woman with black hair that obscures her face. At what moment does he have this dream, and why? What does this woman represent? Is she his biological mother? A symbol of hope? Abandonment?

In the book "Q&A" by Vikas Swarup, Ram has recurring dreams a tall woman with black hair, that figure represents his mother. When Ram was born he was left alone and didn't know anything about her. He also never got to meet her. He was adopted and never lived with his biological parents. I think his dreams occur from being curious since he never got to meet her or get to know his own mother. He has the dream in the beggining part of the book. I do think she is somewhat a figure of both hope & abandonment. Hope, because I'm sure he did want to meet her and be a part of her life and for her to be a part of his life. I think he did hope that he would get to meet her & have a real relationship with his Mom, the dream. It shows that subconciously he does miss his Mom even though he never got to know her. And I think it also represents abandonment because since that happened to him he must feel some sadness that that happened.

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Discuss Enrique’s relationship with his mother. How is that relationship different from the relationships each has with other people?

I think the relationship he has with his Mom is a lot different then the average person has with their parents. The fact that he hasn't seen his Mom since he was 5 already that alone makes his relationship with her much different then other people who usually get to see their Mom everyday. Also his Mom keeps telling Enrique and his sister that she's going to back and will come see him but she never keeps her word, thats sad because I think when she does that she's just hurting him more. Enrique really wants to be with his Mom again, so even though people tell him it would be dangerous to try to go find her, he does it anyway. Most people live and see and talk to their Moms everyday, so because he's in a situation where he hasn't seen her in years and feels like he needs to go find her makes his relationship with her probably one of the most different/awkward relationships he has. I think the Mom should be putting in more effort though to go reunite with her family, I understand she left because she wanted to help make a better life for them but she should still go see them and at least be a bigger part of there lives then she is.

Remembering Early Life.

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Most of us can only remember a few events from our early life.  What do you think accounts for the 
three boys being able to remember so much detail? 

I think that the three boys remember so much and in detail as well because when you go through something like what they went through, you don't just forget. Even though they were very young, they were old enough to know somewhat & understand some of what was going on, and know its wrong. This is their lives, and people in general remember important things in their life- usually things that made them really happy, really sad, angry, scared, excited, etc. As long as its something that really stuck out to them I think even if they're just little kids, it doesn't matter because you'll still have that memory for your whole life, especially in the three boys situation. What they went through was absolutely tragic, and nobody should ever have to go through anything like that, its extremely hard for even adults to handle that, so you can only imagine how hard & scary it was for those young kids to go through that experience. The fact that they got through it is amazing, and I think that's another reason they remember so clearly. Also, its really harsh for people to see death in front of them, specifically for young kids I'm sure. And those three boys saw a lot of that :( ! Seeing that is hard to forget, and typically in my opinion you don't ever forget the pain you feel when you see someone lose their life, whether your close to them or not. It's bad enough to ever see anyone die or in pain, and these kids saw people die every day ! I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in a situation where your used to seeing that so much :( .

"When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled"

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What does the African proverb at the beginning of the book, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled” mean to you?

To me this means that when there's a problem between two people, or a problem in general it doesn't only effect the people who's problem it is, but everyone around them suffers from seeing them argue or in a bad situation too. I also think that its saying that if you can avoid problems or handle them without making it known would be better because then its only between those people who it should be handled with. Also, the quote itself, the part where it says, "it is the grass that gets trampled" I think its also saying that the ones fighting will get over it and recover faster but the ones effected will need time to heal, and maybe even more time then it took the ones fighting. To me this also goes not only for just when people argue or fight, I think also when, for example, when the government has problems and its all over the news about how the economy is going bad, it stresses everyone else watching and their the ones being effected  by the problem and thats not fair. 


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Hello ! My name is Candace, I'm 14 years old and my birthday is July 1st . I like having my birthday in the summer (: . Hmm, I don't really know what to say?! Well, I love music, I don't think I could live without it. I also like going to the beach, movies, parties, and in general, just having fun :) ! I think I have a pretty good outlook on life, I think people should do what's going to make them happy but still be aware and keep up with their responsibilities. Um, I have 2 brothers, one younger and one is older, we all get along pretty well though. Family is really really important to me, and I'm really close to family. During most holidays my family usually gets together and we all get to see each other, and thats usually pretty fun. I also like doing things with my friends, we usually always have a good time and end up doing something fun! I can't wait till I get a car & am able to drive! :D Hm a link I sometimes use on the internet is formspringshim.gif

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