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Remembering Early Life.

posted Mar 8, 2010, 10:43 AM by
Most of us can only remember a few events from our early life.  What do you think accounts for the 
three boys being able to remember so much detail? 

I think that the three boys remember so much and in detail as well because when you go through something like what they went through, you don't just forget. Even though they were very young, they were old enough to know somewhat & understand some of what was going on, and know its wrong. This is their lives, and people in general remember important things in their life- usually things that made them really happy, really sad, angry, scared, excited, etc. As long as its something that really stuck out to them I think even if they're just little kids, it doesn't matter because you'll still have that memory for your whole life, especially in the three boys situation. What they went through was absolutely tragic, and nobody should ever have to go through anything like that, its extremely hard for even adults to handle that, so you can only imagine how hard & scary it was for those young kids to go through that experience. The fact that they got through it is amazing, and I think that's another reason they remember so clearly. Also, its really harsh for people to see death in front of them, specifically for young kids I'm sure. And those three boys saw a lot of that :( ! Seeing that is hard to forget, and typically in my opinion you don't ever forget the pain you feel when you see someone lose their life, whether your close to them or not. It's bad enough to ever see anyone die or in pain, and these kids saw people die every day ! I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in a situation where your used to seeing that so much :( .