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Ram had a recurring dream of a tall woman with black hair that obscures her face. At what moment does he have this dream, and why? What does this woman represent? Is she his biological mother? A symbol of hope? Abandonment?

In the book "Q&A" by Vikas Swarup, Ram has recurring dreams a tall woman with black hair, that figure represents his mother. When Ram was born he was left alone and didn't know anything about her. He also never got to meet her. He was adopted and never lived with his biological parents. I think his dreams occur from being curious since he never got to meet her or get to know his own mother. He has the dream in the beggining part of the book. I do think she is somewhat a figure of both hope & abandonment. Hope, because I'm sure he did want to meet her and be a part of her life and for her to be a part of his life. I think he did hope that he would get to meet her & have a real relationship with his Mom, the dream. It shows that subconciously he does miss his Mom even though he never got to know her. And I think it also represents abandonment because since that happened to him he must feel some sadness that that happened.