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Anjal-Nelson, A.

Q & A

posted Jun 14, 2010, 7:54 PM by Unknown user

Tell another way the story might have ended.
    In the book q & a, te ending originally ended with Ram being married to the prostitute & reunitin with his friend from the old shaw. But if i was the writer, i would have written it to where Ram ended up with his old friend, because when he first met her he thoughhe was in love with her, and through out the story he meets different people and encounters differen things, but i think it would have ended better if he married her because it brings the whole ''if its ment to be'' theory into the book. and considering they connected so much and he helped her dad turn his life around in a way, when he pushed me. which to me even though i know the ending to the story i still see it as he married his old friend. it only makes sense, she came beack into hislife after so long and she helps out in a incredible way.

Q & A

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Do you find the characters convincing?
     In Q & A teh charcters are not so believeable in my perspective because, i just find it really hard to believe all the things that they go through. In particular, Ram. I find it hard to believe at such a young age he can witness so much. From his Foster father dieing, him being sent to a juvenille home and be takin away be taught to sing then almost being blinded, and he hadnt even become a teenager yet. Now i know that its a different country and different things happen every where but i don't believe that has happened or could, its not believable for someone his age. Then after he ran away, he runs to a famous actress's house, and it just so happens that she chooses him to be her house servant. Then from there, he becomes her permanent sevant and during that time he witness's her getting beat, and her death. throught out the whole story he does things that just do not add up but in the end come together and create a really good book .

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Who in this book would you most like to meet? What would you ask—or say?
    If i could chose one charcter to meet iWould chose Madam Mao because she went through so much .
a few things i would ask her would be what was the foot binding proccess like, and how badly did it effect your life because she does say that she was emotionally scared by what happened to her as a child with having in a way her freedom takin away from her because she wasn't able to play with other childrn because her mother bound her feet at such a young age. i would also like to ask her why did she think she was so rebellious, and what intrested her most in the theatre that made it addicting. My final question would be why did she never tell anyone about her previous husbands and if she did does she believe she would be where she is at.

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If you could insert yourself as character in the book, what role would you play?

if i could insert myself into the book the charcter i would play would be the young girl from the shawl whos father beat her. because although her father was a drunk and he beat her and burned her and even tried to rape her, she still came at as a strong person. she didnt let her fathers burden put her down and change her .

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What does the African proverb at the beginning of the book, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled” mean to you?

in this case it means that through all the fighting that the countries are doing its hurting the people. The men ordering them to fight isnt getting hurt at all but the people who live in the land are.


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What lessons have you learned from this story?

The main lesson that i've leardned so far in the story s never to take anyone or anything for granted because theres always some one who has it worse then you. and in a blink of an eye you can have nothing. The charcters in the story have been through more than anyone can endure and just the fact that they made it out to tell about it is amazing. it made me want to be a stronger person in a whole. and just appreciate not only what i have but who i have because they didnt have their parents to wipe their tears and tell them they will be okay , so i need so just appreciate and love my family and what ive been given.

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