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Q & A

posted Jun 14, 2010, 6:25 PM by Unknown user
Do you find the characters convincing?
     In Q & A teh charcters are not so believeable in my perspective because, i just find it really hard to believe all the things that they go through. In particular, Ram. I find it hard to believe at such a young age he can witness so much. From his Foster father dieing, him being sent to a juvenille home and be takin away be taught to sing then almost being blinded, and he hadnt even become a teenager yet. Now i know that its a different country and different things happen every where but i don't believe that has happened or could, its not believable for someone his age. Then after he ran away, he runs to a famous actress's house, and it just so happens that she chooses him to be her house servant. Then from there, he becomes her permanent sevant and during that time he witness's her getting beat, and her death. throught out the whole story he does things that just do not add up but in the end come together and create a really good book .