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Q & A

posted Jun 14, 2010, 7:54 PM by Unknown user
Tell another way the story might have ended.
    In the book q & a, te ending originally ended with Ram being married to the prostitute & reunitin with his friend from the old shaw. But if i was the writer, i would have written it to where Ram ended up with his old friend, because when he first met her he thoughhe was in love with her, and through out the story he meets different people and encounters differen things, but i think it would have ended better if he married her because it brings the whole ''if its ment to be'' theory into the book. and considering they connected so much and he helped her dad turn his life around in a way, when he pushed me. which to me even though i know the ending to the story i still see it as he married his old friend. it only makes sense, she came beack into hislife after so long and she helps out in a incredible way.