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General Blog Entry Question 1

posted Jun 13, 2010, 5:32 PM by Yvonne Arispe
When I first started to read the book "Becoming Madame Mao" I was immediatley drawn into the story.Even though the writing style was different from other books and confusing to understand I liked that it was unique and it made the book more interesting.I liked that the book doesnt just entertain you  but also informs you about the history of China.And at the sametime it tells you about the story of how someone changed into another person. What disturbed me was when the 3rd person objective was speaking they would bring up something that happened 30 years ago from the present.It would make it hard to understand what was going on at times.What irritated me was when it seemed like Yunhe was trying to play a role for everything.Or how she said that Yu Qiwei didn't let her finish her role.Or when ever she did something wrong she would feel that she didn't play her role right.Overall I think this is a good and unique novel that someone should take their time to read.