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What was the funniest/saddest/strangest thing that happened? Why?

posted Apr 27, 2010, 11:30 PM by Yvonne Arispe
The saddest thing that has happened in the book so far was when Father Timothy died.It was sad because Ram was taken good care of when he was living in his home and after his death Ram was going to have to leave.I also think it was sad because when Ram didnt know that his adopted parents had left him he thought Father Timothy was his real father until he was told he was not. And even though he knew Father Timothy wasn't his real father I think he still thought of him as someone that really cared for him and as a parent or guardian.Ram didn't know how it was like to have a dad so for someone to take that away from him it wasn't just taking someone away from him that was a guardian but he also got a place called home taken away from himm. Father Timothy's death was also sad because Ram wasn't the only person that lost someone he really loved Ian did to especially because he was his father not just the father he is to everyone but his real father.