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Blog 11: 6/13/10

posted Jun 13, 2010, 9:16 PM by
Who is the most important character in this story? Why?

The most important character in the story would have to be Madame Mao because she is the main character. But Mao could also be another very important character because as I see it Mao made a huge difference in this story. Throughout the book we see both Madame Mao's and Mao's struggles. Even after Mao's death Madame Mao maintained control over many of China's powers. To be honest both Madame Mao and Mao could both be the most important characters at different times. If Mao wasn't in Madam Mao's life I don't necessarily think that she would be as motivated to hold as much power as she does with Mao by her side. Before Mao , Madame Mao was mostly focused on her acting career than anything. After becoming Mao's personal secretary she had stayed focused on gaining power and became First Lady of the People's Republic of China. Mao is important because not only was he the Chairman of the Communist Party of China but he was also Madame Mao's husband they may have had problems and while Madame Mao was gone for a while Mao had wanted to marry another woman. Madame Mao always loved the Chairman. Mao would have been a different person without Madame Mao but also the other way around. They both play a huge roll in the Chinese Revolution but also in this book. I couldn't necessarily say that Madame Mao is more important than Mao because the story is based one everything she does but also Mao had always played a huge roll in her life.