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posted Mar 8, 2010, 10:21 AM by Ashleigh Bugos
This book was the book dedicated to Monyde.  What does he symbolize?

    I think this book being dedicated to Monyde is actually quite interesting. Especially since I'm almost done with the whole book it now makes a lot of sense. The only part of the book that Monyde was apart of is where he goes with Benson and the boys to try and escape from Sudan. Monyde being such a young boy they didn't think he was going to survive the long journey across the desert. But to their surprise, Monyde survived until they were about a mile away from their destination. I think Monyde symbolizes motivation. When Benson and the rest of the lost boys saw that Monyde, being so young and small, could survive the long journey through Sudan. Seeing that Monyde could do it, I think it showed the boys that they are capable of surviving too. Then, they decided to dedicate the book to him to show that they did it. They survived! And that if Monyde wasn’t apart of the beginning of their journey, they probably wouldn’t even have expected or thought of surviving. Monyde, in my opinion, was kind of like their “goal” that they needed to achieve or succeed. Like they needed to survive for him. Not because of him but for him. Sort of like an act of gratitude. =)