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Cuellar, M.

Walking Blood Shed

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The lost boys continued on their journey because all they thought was that if they go to another place they'd finally be safe. They didn't want to give up because their thirst for knowledge was what lead them to continue walking and trying to survive. The strive for safety overpowered their thoughts of resting for they had seen to much blood shed. Every time the thousands of boys would sit and try to regain their strength for the rest of the journey, bombs would go off and kill hundreds of them. Every single lost boy wanted to be strong and stay alive for the same purpose, to see their family re united, but some were not so lucky. Some of the fortunate boys found surviving family members in the other refugee or the RLSP camps. The boys finally asked god why were they still being punished when the war was of the governments making. most of the boys at the RLSP camps were designated to train and become strong, without the knowledge of doing so, to help fight in the war against the government. Many tried and only a few succeeded to escape these rash environments, but for those who failed went to jail. The reason for trying to escape grew in each child for the fear of going to war and fighting for a cause that none of them believed in.

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