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Who do you like ?

posted Jun 13, 2010, 6:49 PM by Anthony Doan-Ha
Which characters do you admire or dislike? What are their primary characteristics?

    The characters that I admire is Madame Mao herself. Sometimes she might have a low beat attitude where she is depressed, but that's okay, everyone has those problems. Shes the type of person that tries her hardest to get what she wants. She will basically do anything to get to that thing. She wanted to help Mao Zedong in running the country; however, Mao doesn't allow her.  But that doesn't stop her, she just keeps trying, and eventually, she gets it. That kinds to go to my favorite favorite line, "Quitters can't be choosers."

    A person that I don't like that much is Madame Mao's second husband, Tang Nah.  I don't really like his attitude. He's such a cheater! C'mon, you want a girl so much, yet you're going around fishing for others. Furthermore, he tries to commit suicide. Which is unsuccessful twice. I don't believe that he was actually going to suicide. He was more like attracting attention. He's an attention wh**e.

    Another character that I don't really like is Mao. He's slightly like Tang Nah, but I guess you can say he's a little better. He does kind of cheat. He goes to other ladies talking to them. I also want to quote, "Mao likes to sleep with virgins" -Kang Sheng. What a punk. Guys these days. Man I don't I don't sound like a girl though haha. I also don't like communists. Just the way their systems work. I like a capitalist system better. Go Deng Xiaoping !