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Fiori, M.

About Me

posted Feb 21, 2010, 10:42 PM by

My name is Michael Fiori and while i remain as complex an indivisual as any other there are a few key things to outline my life. Such being that I am a proud christian, a feel good runner, and heavily into videogames. I was born and raised a christian and attend church with my parents regularly. It is the source of my code of ethics that impact me daily. I only recently got into running but in the time that ive been in it I've found it the high it brings is like no other feeling. Gaming was introduced to my life through my brother when I was yet very young. I find it my daily escape from the stress and hardships of the outside world. Though often i find myself so lost in such a transe I lose sight of the less desirable things such as homework and serious conditioning. On another note I have select talents with my main one being my writing skills. I have been told that I "have a way with words" per say. For example an essay i wrote for my power of persuasion class(POP) was selected along with two others to be published on the Kearny Galaxy Newspaper Online here. I plan to persue some type of carreer in writing possibly journalism but for all I know that could easily change. Finally I would like to bring up that I am quite fond of speaking in front of crowds and or groups of people for presentations and such. While on the other hand when I am excited I slurr my words to the point of wich almost noone can understand a thing I am saying. I did attend speech theropy classes for 6 years but to no avail for the most part.

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