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Garcia, J.

A peacock among hens.

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If you were to talk to the author, what would you want to know?

If i where to be able to speak with Anchee Min the author from "becoming Madame Mao" what i ould want to ask her about her book is the quote she uses several times during the book referring to Jiang Ching  "I am a peacock among hens" Is this something she came up with or did Madame Mao actually use this quote through out her life to explain herself to other or just to herself. What Im guessing this would mean is she stands out more then hens because of her brightness and tallness which would attract eyes of other and of course the crown like thing on it to look like royalty. I would want to know why she used this quote a lot through out the book I understand that she was the first lady for a long time but she was kept quite for most of that time and she never did anything outstanding enough to be categorized as better looking or better then anyone at all. Beyond that though what i would like to know about the book is how it gets into a lot of parts where you would think only certain people would know who are dead. How did she come up with such find imagery making it look like everything is the actual thing that happened. Such as when Mao and Jiang ching are talking about i think the vase Mao has and he didnt know how the actual place that the painting was supposed to take place at  in the vase looked like but when he actually went there it looked exactly like he imagined.

Western culture.

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Consider the impact of western culture on ram. He dreams of eating at places such as McDonald's and pizza hut, and he practices "speaking Australian." Why is this important to him? what does the west signify to him?

Western culture is significant to ram because it is spreading all around where he lives like these restaurants. He knows people who live like this have really good lives or not good but live in riches nad its not the same as living in a chawl or the slums. The west signifies to ram a place to get out of these things like cultural and religious differences like when riots occur between Hindus and Muslims. Its important to him because the people from the west are giving him money like the colonel and are making better lifes for people who do not live in good ones. I really can't think of any other thoughts on this question so before i start rambling or something im just going to stop.


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What are ram's ambitions in life? Why does he tell Prem Kumar he doesn't know how he is going to spend the billion rupee's?

In the story "Q and A" By Vikas Swarup I don't think Ram has any big ambitions in life he just want to get nita and maybe help out his close friends but besides that I don't think he actually thought he was going to win the big money. He was planing just to get revenge on Prem Kumar all along for what he id to Neelima Kumari and Nita. He tells Prem Kumar that he doesn't not what he is going to spend the money on becuase he probably is realizing all the things he could do with this money like get Nita help his friends Salim and his friends in the Taj Mahal. I think Ram never had any ambitions in life he just thought he was always going to be a normal same day regular person from India Living in new Delhi I find it very ironic that he has lived a life as an orphan yet accomplished so many things he might not have with his mom yet he wants to find his mom still after so many years. He is still confused about his life maybe he just wants to get his love and be out i don't know because only the author Vikas Swarup can know that but my thinking is he wasn't
 really planning to win or to even get all this money

 In conclusion Ram is truly just a penniless waiter or a person from the slum who happens to want more in life or just basics like a normal family.

Being Kang sheng.

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If you could insert yourself as character in the book, what role would you play?

If i could insert myself as a character in the book "becoming madame Mao"  I would definitely insert myself as kang sheng becuase i just find his style and ways amazing. He is a traitor yet a man of his word and loyalist towards mao. He is Mao's right hand man and madame Mao's best friend. He believes he should be the one to take Mao's place but Mao does not even think about that. I would want to play as Kang Sheng because i see a lot of characteristics in him as i do in myself he has a life of his own and he is just faded into the background no one really thinks about him and he gains people trust very easily but as easily as that he can disown that trust from those very same people. Even though Mao is his close friend he informs Madame Mao every thing he does which is kinda like what i did at one point earlier in life. =D.
That would not be the only role though that i would like to play I also thing i would like being tang nah in the book because of his need to be in style in a environment where he can't be  yet he is and his depressing mood isn't all like me but somehow remind me of myself.

Madame mao plot

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Is the story plot or character driven? In other words, does the plot unfold quickly or focus more on characters' inner lives?

Im not sure what this question is asking but i will try my best. I think the plat in" becoming madame mao" by Anchee min the plot folds out qiuckly by giving you foreshadows that are just thrown out there. like when it talks about a certain character it tells you in the future she kills him or destroys him. Just like in the situation between her and kang sheng where he is like her best friend but ends up betraying her. Also Dan and Junli whom she gets rid of in order to show that there where no other man for her besides Mao. Besides these character foreshadows its relatively based on her inner life where the story unfolds as her life goes on even though it skips from months to years it goes by chronological order. Looking at the question in a different manner though the story is a mixed of both a plot and character driven because there are many climaxes in this story where you wanna know what happens next but yet focuses on her life as Madame Mao jiang ching as whole like a biography. The story "Becoming madame Mao" however focuses on inner lives a lot it goes really deep into what happens on certain days and most important their minds that are  very descriptive. In conclusion the story is really character driven with a taste of a fictional story plot.

Madame mao.

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Who in this book would you most like to meet? What would you ask—or say?

In the book "Becoming Madame Mao" I would love to meet in real person Lan ping(madame mao)
 The reason is i love her ambitions and goals it explains in the book. It gives me in depth to what she wanted and how she strives for it. Her passion to complete something whether it was to captivate an audience and become a big actress or become an important role in communism in china. What I would like to ask her is how she did all these things all by herself only the help of few she became a well known actress but also the chairman's wife and a very important person in china? How did one single women captivate a whole nation and then get turned against by them?

   what i would like to say to her is what happened to her family members her mother, grandma, grandpa, she said she loved her grandfather and grandmother dearly what ever happened to them or her mom. some comments i have on madame Mao is why is she so rebellious yet appealing and a good person at heart why does she need to be big in communism and why is it so important to her.
One last thing is does she truly love Mao or is she using his power in communism to becom e a major part in it by becoming his lover and eventually wife. she is always mentioning her love for mao but to me it seems that she is using him for her own sake.

Natural acts (8)

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8) What do you think of Salim's decision to give Ahmed the hit man, a picture of Maman? Did Salim have another choice? Is he guilty of murder? Did Ram have  other options beside throwing Shantaram down the stairs? are these violent acts justifiable considering the behavior of the victims?

I think Salim's decision was a correct choice because it was either his career or being a poor orphan boy again because Ahmed died in the end anyway. Salim had no other choice his only hope on becoming a famous actor would disappear and his life as a live in servant would also. Ram had many other options but none of those would have had a major difference in helping Shantaram's daughter or wife. If he confronted him he could beat or hurt him but if he killed him he wouldn't be violent towards any one anymore or beat his daughter.  These acts are very justifiable its like karma except the outcome was very great and impacted peoples lives a lot. These are all natural acts that many other normal people would do ram and Salim had gone through a lot and both of them knew mentally what they where doing it and even thought the outcome was bad for some people in the end proved right for them. But Ram indeed have many other options unlike Salim who had to think about himself more then others; Ram could have handled it in many other ways even though it would have a different outcome he did not necessarily have to kill Shantaram. In conclusion these acts are justifiable to both characters in the story and both events becuase of  how the victims acted.


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What motivated Enrique to stay in the US was the same reason her mom was motivated. she wanted a better life for her children in Honduras. she wanted hem to have nice clothes go to school and have nice belongings. That is exactly what Enrique now wants for his daughter her to have all these thing and he hopes one day he can return to her and Maria Isabel. He also wants to go back home because of this, he has never seen his daughter ever and him and Maria Isabel are growing distant towards each other. Ho knows what it feel like to grow up with only one parent and how he lost a lot of love towards his mother because she left him behind.
  Other reasons he wants to stay in the US is he does not want to be a part from his mother after he just got there. Why ever would he go through being beat of a train, being harassed by migra agents, having to go through the same steps 7 times and going through horrid hunger on top of those awful trains. He could not just leave back to Honduras only after a short amount of time. He also wants to be a better man when he see's his child, which he eventually becomes by stopping his drug addiction, drinking alcohol, and stops partying all the time and blowing away money and stupid reasons. what motivates him the most though is his daughter and girlfriend.


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How do you feel when Maria Isabel leaves Honduras?

When Maria Isabel leaves Honduras i was shocked that she left her an her daughter are so close they are close to inseparable. She does not even say bye to her daughter. It must feel so bad to know you are leaving you only daughter with others and will not see her for years and she could loose all the love she had for you in just a few years. This is what a lot of mothers did in Honduras, but the question stuck in my head is if the mother leaves her child for money they loose their love but If they had to stayed and loved them they would not have much money and would starve and the child might join gangs. it is sad thinking me being away from my mom that long.

Childhood rememberance

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Most of us can only remember a few events from our early life.  What do you think accounts for the three boys being able to remember so much detail?

In the story "They poured fire on us from the sky" The authors talk quite a bit about their childhood experiences. The reason I think the boys remember a lot from their childhood is that, the only experiences of the Dinka they had was during their childhood. The oldest boy, Alepho was only 5 when he left his homeland. Yet he stills remember a lot of what he went through as a child. Since they want to explain themselves as childs in the story they put in what I think was their most dramtic or big memories as childs. Like Benson when he was circumsized, Alepho when he accidentally caused the death of his pet monkey and Benjamin When he was going to school in his bright white uniform.

I think they also have so descriptive memories because since they where taken as little boys. All they remembered was things from just a few years back. After that they kept only remembering their dinkaland in their voyages and treks throughout Sudan. In the story they kept reminding themselves about their homeland since the beggining of their departure. They also kept traditions that they did as children with their parents and relatives. what I don't get is how they remember stories their elders told them because it sounds like they remember them completely. I also don't get how they remember everyone in their village or people they met and their names. In conclusion i don't think american adults could ever recall as much as these boys did from their childhood.

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