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What does the African proverb at the beginning of the book, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled” mean to you?
        Well this quote means a lot to me ,because first I totally agree with what it is saying which I take as "when two leaders fight it really isn't there lives they risk but the nation under them."and secondly it just makes sense to me,I mean leaders do put there lives in risk by deciding to go to war,but it really is the soldiers that are in first hand combat.The quote doesn't directly play a role in my life,because I for one wont be going into war for a while I hope ,and also noone relativly around me is in any sort of army, military,etc so I really dont think about this quote even though I admire it.I know it means something because when I was looking at questions to do this one popped out to me,and just seemed appealing to me I don't know why really.The quote is very powerful and actually has a lasting affect on someone,to an extent stay's in the back of there head.It also reminds me of a great quote I heard once "
War does not determine who is right - only who is left"-Bertrand Russell which is a quote also about the aftershocks of war but is more focused on one of the many reasons people fight for,To be correct or to win an argument that they are having.    
    Goodnight everybody love Shawnlee.

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How do you feel when reading the book? Why did you feel this way?

Well to me this book doesn't make me feel anything,it just engulfs me in overwhelming realization how cruel this world can be,but also how Amazing it can be;like when Benson and Alephonsion are reunited just to be torn apart not even 48 hours later.I also found it amazing how you had the brothers traveling past the Gilo in the same group but the group was so big that they had no idea that the other one was there;I found it unbelievable at the part right after when the troops made everyone dive into the Gilo even if they didn't know how to swim,even if they had wounds or were sick.
    I guess i felt sad around the beginning of the book but then the combination of the things happening in the book,Haiti,and with tiger woods made me realize that this world is naturally bad and good and that even when bad things happen you should just let your feelings out then carry on because more bad thing's are bound to happen but good things are too so just don't let the bad overwhelm you.All in all I think that this book is really good because even though I dont feel anything specifically when I read this book I do feel all sort's of hint's of emotions when I read it.

My first post

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Hi, my name is Shawnlee Hampton-Kelley most people know me as Shawn I am a freshman that goes to Kearny DMD .I was born on june 8th 1995 I will be turning 15 soon it also means im a gemini .I like French fries, Apples, Myspace,Working out, and Parkour also known as l'art du déplacemen(the art of moving)In which you Get from one place to another as fast as possible whether it be by sprinting, jumping,rolling, etc. If your interested you can check this site out .        This is my first Blog ever,even though im use to things like myspace and aim it is kinda hard typing this because it is like im talking to someone but at the same time like im not.I enjoy things like myspace though,whenever im not outside doing parkour or hanging with my friends im on it.I also use aim(not as often as myspace but often)I like it because it makes it possible to have conversations with multiple people while myspace doesnt.        My idol is David belle the founder of parkour he makes me think that almost anything is possible and he is the reason for my moto "If I cant do it it cant be done".I like learning new things and I do it almost everyday.

Well Im off to do some parkour,so ill leave you with this!

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