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Becoming Madame Mao 3

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By reading this book, what did you discover that could help you outside of school?
In Becoming Madame Mao written by Anchee Min I discovered that life is not easy in all places. In this book, I was able to see that anyone can have grreat confidence in themselves no matter what others have told them. Madame Mao has shown me that confidence comes from within. Creating great deals later on in life. The self confidence that a person gains can be used outside of school and can be a great help.
When Lang Ping becomes Madame Mao she shows that anything can happen to people no matter where they come from in life. Life outside of school is a very large matter that comes to every person.  I discovered that people have to step out into events and other situations that can help them in life later on. Outside of school people move through life trying to find what they are meant to do in life. Madame Mao was a poor, little village girl that grew up and became a great actress. As the years went on she became apart of the Communist Party then later married Mao. She went into high leadership outside of school.

Becoming Madame Mao 2

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Do any of the characters do things you think are good or bad? What do they do? Why do you think this is good or bad?
I think that  what Madame Mao is doing is not a bad thing. What she does is annoying at times but they are not bad. Such as always being there for her boyfriend when he is in need. Altough what her boyfriend, Tang Nah, is doing is a bad thing. He has no right to treat Madame Mao with so much pain and misery. The way he went drinking ever night and negelcted her is heartbreaking to go through.  He manipulates Madame Mao or at the time Lan Ping is so that he can have someone at hand. His desires have brought Lan Ping down and have started to cause her to get depressed. She leaves him but she comes back soon enough. When she goes back to him is a bad thing to chose. It is a bad thing because she will just cause herself more pain when she returns to Tang Nah. Also, when Tang Nah uses guilt and threatens to take his in life is a horrible thing to do. It is bad because he plays with Lan Ping's emotions to make her come back to him.

Becoming Madame Mao 1

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How do you feel when reading the book? Why did you feel this way?
When I read this book, Becoming Madame Mao, I felt a bit confused. The confusion was because of the narration. The narration switched from first person to third person continuously. I became annoyed with my confusion of the narration so I did not enjoy the book at first. Although, after some time I became use to the narration I started to enjoy the book. 
When Madame Mao had many different lovers I starting to feel more excited and interested with the book.  I felt this way because I was interested in how the relationship was going to end. I knew that she was not going to end up with those men so I wanted to know what what has happened in her life.

Q & A: 5

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Why did the author(s) choose to write this book?

The author, Vikas Swarp, could have written Q&A for many reasons. One reason could have been to show that people can have great luck with life and the situations that come on their path. Although, with this knowledge the author is showing how high authorities will only listen to what they have been told. Even if what they have been told could be false. Vikas Swarp uses authorities to show that they can be corrupt at times with false information. At times, they can ignore the true information that is given to them. The way that authority figures can turn deaf to the honest truth because they believe that the person being accused has done something wrong when they have not.


Q & A: 4

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Overall—how did you experience the book while reading it? Were you immediately drawn into the story—or did it take a while? Did the book intrigue, amuse, disturb, alienate, or irritate, you?

Well I really liked reading Q&A by Vikas Swarup. The experience in reading this book exciting and at times felt like it ran on and on but overall I really enjoyed reading each chapter.  At first I was excited about reading the book because I have seen the movie Slumdog Millionaire. I was interested on how the movie differed from the book. I have noticed there was change in almost each answer’s story. It did not take me long to get drawn into the book. I was very intrigued that with what happened in each chapter. From the time he was beaten by the police to from the moment he gave away his lucky coin.


 At some parts I found very amusing such as when he is in the Taj Mahal and he wants to talk in an Australian accent because he use to want to work for the Taylors, the Australian family. Although, at times his actions did irritate me at some points, like the fact that he would scream at a high pitch and startle the attacker or thief. I found that strange that he would scream to warn the intruder.  One thing I enjoyed reading was the questions at the end of each chapter. To get to the end of the chapter made me think about how and when it related to his past. Also, when he would answer the questions correctly and shocked Prem Kumar was very amusing to picture.


Q & A: 3

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What lessons have you learned from this story?


This book, Q&A has shown a few good lessons throughout the book. One lesson that’s I think is a big part of life is that the events in your life are more important than you think, even to the smallest detail. People live through life passing time as it comes and goes. The lesson that I learned is that the details in your life can help you when you least expect it. No matter what kind of life you live each moment are full of knowledge and answers. (Ha-ha) The greatest gain and knowledge comes from the events that take place and the people you meet. Even if you know it or not, the people around you are shaping your life path and helps you make decisions.

In the book Q&A, Ram has encountered many people who have led him to great wealth. No one knew that Ram was going to be on Who Wants Win a Billion and yet they helped him in later life without knowing it. Such as when Ram was working for the actress, Neelima Kumari, he learned a lot of her work from what she said and at her suicide. She held in her lifeless hand the trophy stating “National Award for Best Actress. Awarded to Ms. Neelima Kumari for her role in Mumtaz Mahal, 1985.” This incident helped Ram when his 10,000,000 rupees. Even a tragic event can benefit any person later in life. Just like Ram and the “Tragedy Queen”.

Q & A: 2

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Several characters, especially Ram and Salim, are big movie fans. Are movies simply a form of escapism or do they carry a more significant role in the culture?


Movies seem to carry all sorts of roles. (haha) In this book movies seem to carry a more significant role. Throughout the book, Ram seems to encounter moments where he wants to live like the people in the movies, but deep down he knew that he was not going to get that luxury. Such as when e was living in the juvenile center with the other boys he did not take much notice to it. It seems like those movies and not having a life like that seemed more depressing with their own life. Salim, was told that he was going to become a movie star as he got older and it brought happiness and hope into his life. 

 At times, the hope of a better life can be created from those movies. Such as when Ram was living with the Taylors he had a great life. He even imagined himself part of the Australian family. He worked hard for them, played games with the teenagers and cleaned their home. It seemed like Ram knew his place as a worker but deep down he probably felt like he was part of the family. Even when Ram pushes the astronomer, Shantaram, over the rail of the stairs he realizes that the movies do not portray the realism of falling to someone’s death. This can give the idea that people cannot achieve the life shown in movies. Leaving people in a state of mind where hope can be crushed.


Q & A: 1

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Why did Vikas Swarup choose the name "Ram Mohammad Thomas" for his protagonist?

According to the book Q&A, Ram Mohammad Thomas in a very interesting way. He was an orphan who was adopted and then returned to the priest, Father Timothy Francis. Father Timothy gave the name Joseph Michael Thomas to the protagonist. Although, Mr.Jagdish Sharma and Mr. Inayat Hidayatullah from the All Faith Committee did not approve of the Christian name. They wanted to go with a Hindu name, Ram or even a Muslim name, Mohammad. Father Timothy made an agreement to name the protagonist Ram Mohammad Thomas because they didn't really know what faith he was born from.


The author, Vikas Swarup decided that the name Ram Mohammad Thomas to the protagonist to show the conflicts of an unwanted orphan child. For so long the protagonist did not have a name and in the end he ends up with a name that gives three different religions. The protagonist lives with a name that is not one religion so it can later help him to stand up for himself. Giving a chance to find his own way in life instead of following others or even a name based off of one religion. The author gives the name Ram Mohammad Thomas to the protagonist for the life situations that every person goes through and that a name can build confidence in a person.


Post 7

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How do you feel when reading the book? Why did you feel this way?

Reading this book was kind of depressing and heart breaking. The events that they went through just to express themselves. I felt so hurt and heartbroken in the epicologe. When Maria Isabel leaves her daughter to go to the United States. I wanted to cry when she said "Adios mami!" Maria Isabel was going to see her daughter for the last time until who knows when. Then when she loses the only picture of her daughter makes it so much harder to stand what people do for better lives. Maria Isbal had good intentions like Loudes did but who really knows when they see their kids again. Its heartbreaking just to see parents go at such a young age. Then when her aunt tells her that her mom isn't coming back, puts an ache on my heart because I can see the hurt look on Jasmine's face. The look of a lost child.


Even though, Maria Isabel got to Enrique she called her every week which was nice. I felt better knowing that she wasn't going to leave her daughter behind. So much pain can be filled throughout this book, but its the images of hurt, lost little kids that tears my heart up.
This book is depressing overeall. The thing that I find most depressing, is that mothers will leave there kids to make a better life for them and/or their childern. Even for a better life, the parents still have no idea when they will see their childern again.

Post 4

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How did this book make you feel about your own life?

When I read this book, I felt that my life or anyone's life in America had it easy. Sure it is hard to maintain a stable home in the United States but Sudan has been in war with itself for the longest time. The separation from the family was heartbreaking to read at such a young age. I thought about how my parents are, and that i can contact them when I need them. Benson, Alepho, and Benjamin had to walk for miles and go days possibly with no food, getting sick and going through life trying to survive. The more they suffered was hard for me to imagine anything so hurtful can happen, only because I never experienced something so tragic.  Also, the fact that they never knew when they will see their family again was pretty painful. I would have trouble getting over that feeling. If I lost my family I know I would feel lost and not know what to do. So I'm happy that my family is here and there are ways for me to see them. The more I read, the more I felt that I should be happy with my life and be happy that my family is with me. I wouldn't want to feel the loss of my family and I'm sad that the Lost Boys had to go through so much. Although, I’m glad that they were able to survive, most of them anyway.

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