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Question: Why does Vikas Swarup choose the name "Ram Mohammad Thomas" for his protagonist?
Answer: I think that the author choose Ram Mohammad for his protaginist because it brings so much contreversy just like the main character plus the name is very well fit. Another reason I infer he gave his character that name was because Ram's name is so contreversial just like religion is in India so the author may have named him that to show an example of  to what extent people take religion . In a way it demonstrated sort of the customs they have in India but the character being  so problamatic and not knowing the origins of his roots he was an easy target to demonstrate that when it comes to religion Indian people don't mess around whether they're hindu or christian the children are going to be named according to their religion even if they're orphans. Yet it sort of an over exageration of  the Indian beliefs because by giving him names from three different religions he's sort of making fun India's whole religiouse beliefs in general because in a way he saying ok you don't know what religion he's from then might as well give him names from all of them just in case. Plus when he metions his name to people it always intrests them and keeps the book exciting because it's such a contreversial name.

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Contrast Enrique’s life in the United States with the life he left behind.
Enrique's life in the United States compared to the one he left behind is better economicly but emotionally they are sort of similar. In Honduras Enrique had to sell spices in markets to make a living, even though he had a job he barley made enough money to survive on and was teased because of his job. In the US he had a more respectable better well payed job as a painter, but although he was getting paid a decent wage he would blow hundreds on strippers yet the money he had left over was more than the money he made selling spices. The reason for that was that in the US he got payed with dollars while in Honduras he was payed with pisto and in the US his paycheck was more steady. Also a big difference is that while living in Honduras he supported his grandmother finacially with what he could and in the US he would ocassionaly borrow money from his mom when he didn't have enough for his bills. While living in the US Enrique was still mixed with emotions. In Honduras he always depressed by the thought of not knowing why his mother left and if she still loved him. That depression caused him to begin sniffing glue. In the US he was angry with the thought of his mother telling him what to do even though she didn't raise him up and because she was never there for him in his times of needs. This also caused him to begin sniffing paint remover and drinking heavily. In both countries his mixed emotions lead him into a life of drugs, but in the US he matured and realized how wrong he was and that now he had a family of his own that depended on him and that caused him to be less cold hearted tword his mother and try to reconciliate and make up for all the years she wasn't there. Altough in both countries life was different from eachother he still had huge obsticales in both so it's hard to pick which one is worse. Living in Honduras he was sentenced to a life of poverty and living the US he was away from his daughter and love of his life but making more money to support them both situations where hard yet  he had to pick which was best for them.

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Contrast the images of the United States that Lourdes/Enrique see on television versus what each finds in the United States.
When Lourdes and Enrique saw the United States they saw a fabulouse life of luxery. They saw the beautiful skylines of New York and the Las Vegas strip. But when Lourdes arrived to the United States all she saw was a ghetto neighborhood full of crime and gangsters. When Lourdes saw the United States on T.V she saw the beutiful parts of it the parts many go to vacation or where the rich live. When she came to the United States she saw the reality of how the United States actually is for many illegal document, which is a low class neighborhood full of poverty.  Where she lived was the total oppisite of where she lived. On T.V she maybe saw the people walking down the streets smiling and happy but when she arrived in LA she saw people walking down the streets with fear in their eyes from being robbed.


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In the story Ram dreams several times of a  tall woman with black hair that obsecures her face several times when his life is at  the roughest. In my opinion this woman symbolizes to Ram dreams of what/who could have been his mother and is sort of a symbol that he isn't alone. Of course it's logical that Ram is going to always have that curiosity of  who is his mother and where he came from so obviously he's going to have dreams of what he expects or what he imagines her as. Plus when Gudiya told Ram that he was like a brother to her he started to dream of the woman  with a baby so from that prospective you can infer that it's a fantasization of   how Ram thinks as his mother, and he always imagen her just when he thinks he's all alone. Thats' why I infer that the woman also symbolizes that he is never alone even when he thinks he is like when Father Jhon died although Ram was alone physically spiritually he is always accompanied by someone that gives him hope to to keep living and try to progress.

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Most of us can only remember a few events from our early life.  What do you think accounts for the three boys being able to remember so much detail? 
I think the boys where able to remember so much not because they are more intelligent but because of the suffering they went through. They experienced horrifying events that may have left them scared for life and that is why they remember so much. It is easier to remember an event or thing that made you suffer than any other thing. Especially if that thing or event changed your whole life.
And that is what happend with the lost boys at a young age they where taken from everything they knew and loved such as their family and friends. It was such a drastic change that just the thought of their life before and after keeps running in their mind.  From that point on any other event that happens to them whether good or bad stays stuck in their head.  I think from reading the book and listening to the things they encountered it is self explanatory why they can remmember so much. From one day to the other tou can't just forget about one's suffering amd thats why they are able to remember so many details from their early life. 


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 While I have been reading the novel "They poured fire on us" I've had sort of an awakening. I've realized how good I have it and how ungrateful I can be at times. The way I felt so far as I have been reading this book is a sad/surprised feeling. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of a chapter and they start talking about how skinny and fragile the boys  get that you can count their ribs and they fear of people falling on them and braking their legs, It makes me feel so sad and angry. Just the thought of them not being able to eat while I on the other hand have an abundance of food and sometimes I get picky about it, like when I go get a burger and if they put mustard and pickles on it I won't eat it.  I'd rather let the money go to waste and throw a fit about it while these boys are walking for sometimes even months without anything to eat and I'm letting food that my mom works hard for go to waste  just because I don't like it. I guess you can say that this book also makes me feel very ashamed of myself for being so unthoughtful. Everytime I read this book I always feel surprised by the durance these boys have and the courage they have just to survive.  They sometimes leave me speechless by their actions and their way of thinking. Like when they sometimes get really ill so they have to choose either remaining together and taking the chance that the ill person won't get any medical atention or getting medical atention but risking the chance of never seeing eachother again.  It surprise me how they choose the what's best for the other person rather than what they want. Or how they sometime have to do things that they probably would have never imagened doing like drinking their pee it discust yet surprise me because I know that if I were them I probably wouldn't have made the same choices they did. All in all I've been enjoyimg reading this book and hearing the storys of  what lengths these boys go through to survive.

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The story "They poured Fire on us from the sky" was written by several authors know as the lost boys of Sudan. This story has been written in journal entries by three boys, Benjamin, Benso,and Alepho.
These boys went through a perilouse journey to find a home and much more importantly safety. They walked across Sudan and all over Africa untill they finally got to America. When they got here they shared their unbelievable journey with a woman. Once the woman read the entries they had she knew that they had to be shared with the world. I think that the authors wrote entries so that if they survived the whole world will know about the lost boys of Sudan so that they will never be forgotten. I infer that by them writing entries they think that it will help us opeen our eyes and see the struggles and problems all around the world. And by them doing this it helps us appreciate more all the things in life we have and helps us appreciate the little things in life such as water and food. By them writing these entries I think that they have written an important chapter in about our world's history and have left behind a legacy that all will remeber about these young boys who literaly struglled for their lifes every single day! 

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Hello world, my name is Stephanie Lopez and I am at freshmen at Kearny High. I took my first breath on December 30th and am 15 years old. There's not much I can say about myself. Well Kearny is my 5th school, I've gone to two elementary's, two middle schools, and 1 highschool, so you can say I'm pretty well known. I currently reside in City Heights and been living there most of my life. I have two brothers one older and one littler. My dad passed away when I was 8 years old, but I have a great stepdad. One thing I inherited from both of them is my passion for soccer. I play sunday on a what use to be an all girls team but is now mixed team called Riverplate, and am the youngest one there.  I've recently had to get out so that I can focus more on preperation for my quincenera which is on May 1st. So what else can I say my favorite colors are pink, purple, yellow, and turquoise (but not on me).
I'm a wierdo so my room is turquoise and bedspread is pink and I wear yeallow and purple just about evey other day. I have two bestfriends at Kearny named Blanca and Ana. I have a boyfriend named Jhon that I've been going out with since 7th grade. I'm turnig into a myspace freak recently and am on it whenever I have time which is never, i always get all my backgrounds from dollie crave because they are awesome. So if you want to chech them out heres a link.




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