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Q&A 1:

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Why does Vikas Swarup choose the name " Ram Mohammad Thomas" for his protagonist?
On pages 38 and 39 there is a dispute amoung Father Timothy, Mr. Hidayatullah and Mr. Sharma about what to name the abandoned baby. Father Timothy gave him the name Joseph Michele Thomas but the others were worried that it might cause irate mobs to set the church on fire for converting a boy into christianity. Mr. Sharma suggested giving the boy a Hindu name such as Ram. But Mr. Hidayatullah believed that there was a possibility that the boy was muslim, so he suggested the boy be named Mohammad. There was a debate for a short period of time when Father Timothy finally gave up and suggested the boys' name be Ram Mohammad Thomas to satisfy everyone. 

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What motivates Enrique to stay in the United States? What things make him wish to return to Honduras?

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    Enrique wants to stay in the United States to continue to make money so that he can one day buy a house. He also wants the best for his child, Jasmin and his girlfriend Marie Isabel so he gets a job so he is able to send money to them. Enrique becomes suspicious that Marie Isabel has another boyfriend and that his child will not see him as her father when she sees him for the first time. He wants to see his child grow up and not make the mistake of not being apart of her childhood. Enrique starts to consider moving back to Honduras so he can reunite with Marie Isabel and his daughter. As much as he wants to go back to Honduras to see his daughter he decides to stay in the United States because he likes the comforts of the US. He decides that he wants Marie Isabel to move to the  United States. 

What problems develop almost immediately when Enrique is reunited with his mother?

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When children reunite with thier parent after such a long time they begin to feel resentment. They feel as though they were abondoned and cannot take orders from someone who hasn't been in thier life when they were growing up. It sort of surprised me that Enrique shows ungrateful behavior towards his mother Lourdes. He believes that she does not have any right of ordering him around when she left him in Honduras. She tries to defend herself when she tells him that it was all for him. She always kept in contact with him and sent him money, but Enrique refuses to except that even though he knows she is right. Enrique and Lourdes both realize that they are strangers to eachother. Lourdes wants the best for Enrique, so she encourages him to study english and learn a profession but Enrique insists on working to make money. Enrique does what he wants because he is used to those habits such as using profanity around Lourdes and going to the pool hall without asking permission. Lourdes tries to tell him what he can and can't do and he refuses to listen. He says to her, " I don't love you as if you were my mother. I love my grandmother"(217). Lourdes is simply trying to be a mother  but Enrique does not follow her orders because she was not there during his childhood. He does not see Lourdes as a motherly figure because to him she is a stranger. Enrique remembers all the broken promises and accuses his mother of lying. Many children like Enrique turn to drugs to escape their problems. Lourdes wants respect and all Enrique gives her is disrespect and constantly behaves as if she never did anything for him.

Enrique’s final journey into the United States

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    Enrique's final journey to the United States involved a smuggler. In Nuevo Laredo when Enrique finally calls his mother Lourdes, he finds out that she is living in North Carolina. He asks her for $1,200 to pay his smuggler, El Tirindaro, and she agrees. Enrique leaves on May 21, 2000 at 1 am  with El Tirindaro. As dangerous as it is to cross the Rio Grande, El Tiridaro stragety is even more risky when he uses a black inner tube, which is easier for the Border Patrol to spot. Its very dark when they cross so Enrique cannot see the fifty-foot pole that stands across the Rio Grande with US Border Patrol cameras on it. Enrique takes a big risk crossing the Rio Grande because up to 54 people died crossing it and Enrique cannot swim.
     Enrique is given a plastic bag containing dry clothes. When they reach land they put on the dry clothes and are on a close look out for the authorities. Enrique is afraid that they will deport them back across the river or worse he would have to stay in a Texas jail cell for months. After they pass the river they climb a steep embankment along a well-worn dirt path. Then they reach a flat tank that is part of the sewege plant. Then El Tirindaro leads them to a red Chevrolet Blazer with tinted winows.
    Enrique is very exhausted at this point. He begins to think of all the ways the Border Patrol can spot smugglers. For example weaving means the load is very heavy and causing sway. When the agents notice, they pull alongside and shine a flashlight into the eyes of the passengers. When they are a half a mile south of the Border Patrol checkpoint, El Tirindaro leads Enrique and the two others out of the Blazer and they climb a wire fence and walk east away from the Border checkpoint. Then they turn north parallel to the freeway. Later they are picked up by the Blazer. Enrique soon feels a burst of joy and relief now that he has made it past the Border and authorities.

What did you find surprising about the information introduced in this book?

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     One thing I find surprising about They Poured Fire On Us from the Sky is how children are forced to grow up in a small amount of time. Before I read this book I  really did not know anything about Sudan or the people. And it surprised me that kids at 4 to 8  years old had to act as if they where adults, and when I look at my life many kids at that age can't do things on their own. For example  when Alepho talks about Peter being miserable he and Joseph would say, " shut up boy, you're not in your mamas house no more -As children, seven or eight years old, we knew nothing about the world, just that we were not in our mamas house no more" (123). Many children were separated from their family and were forced to grow up very fast, and if they didn't they had a higher chance of being killed. This book has changed my whole outlook on the people and the Country of Sudan. Children had to fight for their life at such small ages. It is hard to do that especially when you have to walk hundreds of miles to get to safety without much food or water. Many children did not have any family left so they were on their own without any help. 

    One child in the novel named Monyde was one of many  kids who was left with no family and no support from anyone. When Benson and the group he followed passed through a village they came across a small boy  who's family died 2 years earlier in a bomb blast. His name was Monyde and it was not too long before they realized that Monyde was a brave kid. Monyde was one of the clever kids who was smart and for his age showed maturity. When I read this chapter it amazed me that a child at that age who lost his family and had no one to turn to but himself, still had hope and brought life to the picture even though times were harsh. 

about me

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Hi! My name is Tamra Olinski and I am a senior at Kearny High Educational Complex. I have attended the small school Digital Media and Design for the past 4 years. I have lived in San Diego for 8 years. I was born here but my family decided to move when I was 4 to 
live in Oregon.Then we moved back here when I was 9. I like to be outdoors and being active. I love going to the beach and play sports mostly soccer and tennis. I will always love San Diego for its good weather but I would like to travel one day to see something different.
After high school I plan to go to a community college and then transfer to a four year. I would like study photography. I herd that they have a great photography program  at UCSD, thats something I am interested in. I  am not very experienced with photography but I plan on learning more about it.

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