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Cuevas, V.

Becoming Madame Mao

posted Jun 13, 2010, 2:44 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

12.) Becoming madame mao reminds me of my own life. My life hasn't been easy, just like Madame Mao's which i think sometimes influences on the way I am And behave. My parents got separated when I was one and got divorced when i was 4. At the beginning it was really rough for me. I didn't talk to my dad at all, i felt he had betrayed his family. Unlike Madame Mao for me, my dad is the person that has made me suffer the most. My mother has always been there by my side. madame Mao wants to be someone important in life just like me. But unlike her I haven't and won't make bad decisions. In life i have learned a lot even though I'm barely 15. I Look back at my path and see that i don't want to make the same mistakes my parents did. I think Just like madame mao, i have the fear of ending up like my dad. I don't want to. Even though "becoming Madame Mao" is a historical fiction book, i feel so attach to it because just like Madame Mao I have been through really rough times, but unlike her i have made the correct decisions and gotten over those hard moments. I feel that maybe if Madame Mao Would have had someone with her in the hard times, she wouldn't have maybe made the decisions she made. I fortunately have my mother and now a step-father who can guide me through the right path.

Becoming Madame Mao

posted Jun 13, 2010, 2:25 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

4.) I think there are many reason that motivate Madame Mao's Actions. Madame Mao wants to be someone in life no matter what it takes. Looking at madame mao's past, i can tell that deep inside in reality she's just scared, scared that she will end up like her mother. Madame Mao is someone that never gives up. She might do bad things just to get what she wants. Even though Madame Mao Might not think that the decisions she makes will later bring her consequences, they do.  At The end i do think that madame mao gets a lesson. I mean after all she got married 3 times, she couldn't make it in theater and after her marriage with Mao Zedong, nothing was the way she had planned it to come out like. Not everyone in life makes the correct decisions but in Madame mao's Life, there was just too many mistakes. I dont Justify her actions. Many people overcome their fears, but madame mao was one of those persons that can't. Even though madame mao went through a lot of rough times, that didn't mean she had to do some of the things she did. Madame Mao never got over her fear of ending up like her mother and that is what has brought her to where shes now. I don't agree with all the decisions madame mao made, but i do admire her because she had the strength to continue no matter what or who got in her way.

Becoming Madame Mao

posted Jun 13, 2010, 2:10 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

2.) The characters in "Becoming Madame Mao" are all different and unique. Starting with madame Mao, Madame Mao is one of those person's that knows exactly what he/she wants in life. Madame Mao has suffered a lot with her mom, the reason for which i think she is the way she is. She doesn't want to end up like her mother with nothing. Madame Mao wants to be known, she wants to be someone in life. All this "ambition" as  i would call at the end may not even be worth it. Since Madame Mao can't get anywhere with theater, she decides to join in politics and join the communist party. After marrying Mao, She has at last got what she wanted, to be someone important. Even though Madame Mao doesn't show it, her feelings for being what she wants to be, are more stronger then the feelings she has for her husband (or husbands she has had before). However there are points where i admire Madame Mao for being so strong and at the end getting what she wants. Mao Zedong (in the book) is a very serious person, he takes his work too seriously, however just like Madame Mao, his work is more important than anything else, even his own wife. In the book Mao Zedong doesn't really show his feeling, only in the beginning when he first meets Madame Mao. If I were to describe Mao Zedong, I would describe him as a man with no feelings, who doesn't really care about anything but just his communist party.

Becoming Madame Mao

posted Jun 13, 2010, 1:27 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

1.) Overall so far, i really Like The book "Becoming Madame Mao". At the beginning I really Didn't like at as much due to the fact that it went from first to third person. However I like the fact that Its historical fiction and that can really help a lot for kids learning about world history in school, like us. The book at first didn't really catch my attention. Since it was something I was supposed to read for class, I just read it because of that but once the story started to develop and setting a climax, it really caught my attention. I Guess what people say is right, You should never judge a book by its cover. The book is really interesting. Now that i actually got the chance to read it, I really enjoy it. I find it interesting that even though the book is historical fiction, it has a mixture of everything: romance, passion, fiction, history, etc. Once I Start reading the book, its like it doesn't let me stop. The book has many qualities. I would really recommend it. What I like about the book, is that it doesn't straight out tell you whats going to happen next, you have to find out yourself by reading it. However its not all good, there is sometimes when the book can get really boring. It irritates me at sometimes when they just talk and talk and talk and I just dont see any action. But overall between the scale from 1-10 I would rate the book as an eight.

Envision for The Future

posted May 13, 2010, 6:12 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

Despite his lack of formal education, Ram is able to answer twelve questions correctly in order to win a billion rupees. I Envision that the future holds different kinds of experiences for Ram. Ram has gone through many negative experiences, however he has not yet seen the positive side of it. I'm not saying ram won't have any obstacles in his future, but he will know how to overcome them easily. Ram is a Billionaire, he has the money, if he makes a good use of it, he will forever be happy and never have  money issues. If ram doesn't make a good use of it, his future wont be that pleasant. After all, all of Ram's bad luck made him win. Now that i think about it, I don't see that bad luck as an obstacle but as of something that was meant to be. There was a reason for Ram to have gone through all of this. Each question he was asked, he could relate to things he went through. Maybe all the thing Ram through in the future, are meant to be. If he won the Billion rupees it was because it was meant to be. If This Brings him to a better future, it is because it is meant to be. With all the things Ram has gone through, I must say he will have a very pleasant future because that was just the way it was meant to be.

Changes In Life

posted May 13, 2010, 5:43 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

Throughout the whole story, Ram has small changes in his life but yet they make a big difference. In the beginning of the book, Ram is just a little kid who doesn't know anything about life. Throughout his life he faces many obstacles but yet overcomes them. Throughout his 18 years of age, Ram becomes more stronger every time he faces an obstacle. From seeing a girl almost getting rapped by her father to killing 2 men and almost a 3rd one himself. I think the journey that has the greatest impact on Ram is almost killing Prem Kumar. Even though it is the last obstacle he faces, it has a huge change on the way he thinks about life. Ram isn't able to kill Prem Kumar. Why? Because  he knows if he does this he will have sinned. Ram realizes that not everything is in his hands; he's no one to judge. After having gone through all of this, Ram isn't the same innocent boy he used to be, Even though he is only 18 years old, he is a more mature man then all the teen age boys out there.  Ram goes from having hatred towards people to having forgotten and able to forgive. Ram himself notices that not everything in life is perfect and that no matter how hard you try, you can't change the past. Little by little throughout the book, Ram shows this change by telling all his stories. Maturing was a huge part Ram knew how to take care of.

Unable To Murder

posted May 13, 2010, 5:10 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

In my opinion, there are many reasons why Ram Isn't able to kill Prem Kumar. First of all there are moral issues. Even though Ram believes he has killed 2 people, he still isn't able to kill Prem Kumar. If he killed Prem Kumar in that precise moment, everyone will know he killed him, Ram knew he had the chance of winning and if he killed Prem Kumar, he would lose everything right there in that moment. Killing the host of W3B will just cause him more problems. After all he still didn't have Nita. What would he win by killing Prem Kumar, but if he didn't kill him, he had the chance of winning 1,000,000,000 rupees. With this money in hand, Ram could do anything he wants: look for Nita, pay Salim's acting school, and a lot more. Ram isn't so cold-hearten to kill someone just like that, out of nowhere. However in the other cases, Ram wasn't playing for money, nor would no one care if he killed them. However Prem Kumar was the host of W3B. Salim had his future in his own hands, if he pulled the trigger, he would have lost everything he had already, but if he didnt, he still had the chance of becoming a billionaire. After all Ram was no one to judge Prem Kumar. And at the end Prem Kumar ended committing suicide. If Ram would've killed him right there, he would have regret it.

Decisions Reflect On Life

posted May 7, 2010, 3:00 PM by Vania C. Villaseñor

In Q&A I think Salim's decision of giving Ahmed the picture of Maman was the best thing anyone could have done. First of all Maman wasn't a very nice man, and second of all he was after Salim. Salim really didn't have another choice but to do what he did. He really had hatred toward Maman for all the bad things he had done. Salim had to hand in a picture of someone or else Ahmed would have known that he took the packet and he would have killed Salim. Salim really wanted to be famous and Salim wasn't going to let Ahmed kill the person who is going to make him famous.  I think Salim Isn't guilty  of anything. I think if Maman didn't have any remorse for all the crimes he has committed, then why should Salim have any remorse for killing him. I think Ram didn't have any other options besides throwing Shantaram down the stairs. He was protecting his family (he considered Gudiya his sister). He wasn't going to let Shantaram hurt Gudiya anymore. I think that these violent acts are justifiable since the "victims" were not really brave victims, deep inside they were nothing but cowards. Shantaram just took the easy way by drinking and not by looking out for his family as the "man of the house". Maman wasn't who he was just because of him, he got everything he had from poor children who he made work. He would torture children so that when they went out to the street, they would get more money. These Men were causing a lot of pain, not just to others but also to themselves. All this pain would only go away once they were gone forever. Now everyone even themselves can rest in peace. 

Women's Role In Q&A

posted May 4, 2010, 7:01 AM by Vania C. Villaseñor

In the book Q&A Ram mentions "But what was Gudiya's crime? Simply that she was born a girl and Shantaram was her father?" (p. 68) In this story this Isn't the only case where women are treated poorly. In the chapter "Murder on the Western Express", Meenakshi the girl who travels in the train with Ram also gets treated poorly just because of her sex. The Dacoit that robs the train tells Meenakshi to kiss him but she denies, after denying the dacoit commands her to take of her chunni. The girl is terrified, how could they be doing this to her? Just because of her sex? The men in this story in my opinion are considered cowards. They do this because they know girls can't defend themselves in a situation like that. In these 2 cases I think the girls did need Rams Help. Gudiya became like his sister and with his love and support she was able to forget what her dad had done and keep on going. In Meenakshi's case if it wasn't for Ram that killed the dacoit,  who knows what he would have done to her. I would describe his relationship with women as pure and caring. He always goes in defend of women. In my opinion I think he does this because he has never had a mother which causes him to have more of a connection with them. Ram is like the savior of women. He's always got their backs.

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