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De Leon, U.


posted Apr 13, 2010, 11:48 PM by Uriel DeLeon

What predictions can you make as you read?
Even though we finished the book my first thought when reading the prologue of Enriques Journey was that the boy who was left from his mother at a young, very young age was going to start getting into habits that most teenagers do when they don't feel love at home or just because of depression. I knew Enrique was going to go through alot in the story, i knew he wasn't going to give up and was going to find that way to get to his mother and once again be re-united with her. I also kind of felt that the story was going to have a bad relationship in a mother to son. I think the prologue is really helpful becuase it gives the first touches into leading into a great story.

My Opinion

posted Apr 13, 2010, 11:32 PM by Uriel DeLeon

Education seemed to be very important to the Lost Boys.  What do you think sparked that desire?
I think that education was the desire by the lost boys because the boys new that their lives were in danger and they couldn't do anything about it which lead them into realizing that they need to find a way to survive in a new environment and in order to surive they needed to adapt to it so in this case they needed to learn english and how were they going to do that, is by trying to go to study. Throughtout the story the boys everythime they stop at a refugee camp they wanted to seatrch for a school to be around were they were staying at becuase they wanted to learn. I think in order to progress in life you have to have an education and i bet the boys knew that and it might of been a reason why they choose to continue surviving and finding a way to survive in the war world. The lost boys had a dream which was to educate themselfs and they never gived up and they also knew that they were getting into a new way of living so they needed to do the necessary to maintain themselfs adapted to it and they did. I think they really like school because they wanted to do it, they had those guts making them want to go to a school and educate themself into getting an education.

My Own Life Connection

posted Apr 12, 2010, 10:34 PM by Uriel DeLeon

How did this book make you feel about your own life?
This ook made my life change and admire what i have now. It made me realize that i don't know how to recognize or be thankful for what i have now. I think that many people don't do that as also. I sometimes think life is so hard just because i have to much homework or if i have a problem in my life in which these other people, inoccent people living between a war zone are getting killed and hurt for no reason which makes me realize that we have recognize and admire the people you have around you because you never know when the time it comes for them or even for you to pass away or leave somewhere else. I belive sometimes i been selfish but now i try to be open minded and i try to meet new people and to love the people who are already here with me . I also belive that this book has made me realize that i need the people around and that nothing in the world if difficult to accomplish and that everything can be done if you try. I really love the book because it sets a good mod and moral to whom reads it because it opesn our eyes which makes us realize to valorate what we have now.

Change of the World

posted Apr 12, 2010, 10:14 PM by Uriel DeLeon

Is your lasting impression of “They Poured Fire…” one of hope, or of despair?  Will anything change in the world?
I think my last impressions of the book was that it made me realize how they realy sufered and how they went through all that mistreating and hard labor. This has left me with hope for those who try getting to a better life and/or between war because it is not easy leaving in those conditions because there is so much suffering and it helps maintain the society united. I belive that also hope is the way to go beause if someone gives hope to those people going through hard situations then it makes the whole world try to unite and maintain a united environment which also helps because we give them stenght to keep on fighting for there lives which is important to our environment and our ecosystem. This book made me realize that this world also going in this deprecion in which things are not going as we plan. It also made me realize that life aint easy but t is not impossible to reach those goals, that trying you can get where ever you want to get. I also belive that we are a steep process that may get worse by the years or get better. In this world there is diversity and alot of unfair rights. I belive that many things might change either good or bad but they are going to change, and the people that stick and support together are going to make a change and also the people who dont stop fighting to the end then they will reach that goal of hope and strenght.


posted Apr 12, 2010, 9:56 PM by Uriel DeLeon

Discuss Enrique’s relationship with his mother. How is that relationship different from the relationships each has with other people?
The relationship of Enriques mother and him was poorly and was some what different from the relationtionship with other people because first it's a mother to son relationship, also the time they had with eachother and an attachment that only them as mother to son have.The realationship they had that impact in the story was from being poorly bad to becoming better throughout the story and it ended up getting to a point where they got to spend more time together. This leads me to the other argument which means that they had no time at first to talk about the situation they were leaving on. Enrique's mother left him at an early age, she left to the United States and she only communicated to him by phone which is not the same as personal. Enrique showed no interest in going there until later when he started seeing things clearly and missing his mother which wasn't with him at and age were he was beeggining to grow up. It  was different to the other relarionship withother people because is not the same feeling/attachment as a son to mother. This is also a reason in which is more painful for the relationship between Enrique's mother and him because is that feeling that atracts your mind in that derrection so theres many differences of his relation with his mother.


posted Apr 10, 2010, 8:26 AM by Edwin Beltran

When I was reading the book "Enrique's Journey" by Sonia Nazrio, I felt different things. One thing I felt was in a way pity for the migrants. I did because they just wanted to come to the United States to have a better life than they did before. For them just to make it to here was a long deadly trip. So there was a lot of obstacles that prevented or slowed down the process of them making it to the States. I also felt motivated, because I learned that if you want or really need something you should not stop going for it until you reach it. For example the migrants kept wanting to live the "American Dream" so there was not much the trains, gangsters, bandits, and migra could do about it. There were going to reach that goal no matter what the circumstances were. This motivated me to keep striving for what I want and/or need. I also felt in a way mad for the way they were treated by some of the officials in Mexico. I felt this way because they mistreated the migrants coming from Central America as if they were criminals. Majority of them were just passing by Mexico they weren't going to stay and live there. I am not saying they should of helped them but they should not have treated them the way they did, because they were not migrating to Mexico they were just passing Mexico to get to the United States


posted Mar 1, 2010, 12:05 PM by Uriel DeLeon   [ updated Mar 1, 2010, 12:25 PM ]
How do you feel when reading the book? Why did you feel this way?

    What i felt when reading the book "They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky" i felt some strong attachment to it. It made me feel and see things in different ways and it made me see things more clear. When i was reading the way that the book/story was told made me feel like i should be and respect other people with more than jut saying hi. I think that if you make friends with someone from a different place you learn a lot and well this book made me realize that. All the things that Benson, Alephonsion, and Benjamin went trough made me realize that that's life and i have to live with that, life is not easy and many people suffer from it and even people from the high class who believe they have everything. The three boys went trough a lot from getting separated from their families to seeing people hey like getting killed or died. This made me see that i should enjoy life and do not do things i don't want. I believe that there is many things that we don't appreciate and that we have to learn from it. I think this story is also touching because you may see many people in that state and well it makes it hard for us to understand and i strongly believe this story is really useful to make a point.


posted Feb 18, 2010, 3:09 PM by Uriel DeLeon   [ updated Apr 13, 2010, 11:28 PM ]

My name is Uriel De Leon. I am the youngest of the family, and there's a lot of things that i enjoy doing and one thing that i enjoy is playing soccer. Soccer for not me is not only a sport but a passion it's my life. I love soccer and been playing since i was eight and since then i haven't stop playing. I enjoy everything about the sport, i would not change anything from it. Every oportunity they have given me to play for a soccer team i would not deny it because its a chance that is given to me to progress in life. I also enjoyed playing for the schools because there many people to see you and you never know when a scout might be sitting in those bleachers. Everytime i play or everytime i step into that field i feel with power, i also remember about what my passion is and that i love doing what i do best which is play that sport. ALso, when i step into that field i forget all the estress i have and all the problems solve in there own in mind, that makes me fell better and relaxed because i focused more in the thing i love to do best which is to play soccer. I some day dream to go pro and play with my national team and appear in TV. But iknow everything is possibl in life, maybe its hard but it can be done with commitment and hard work.

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