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My Opinion

posted Apr 13, 2010, 11:32 PM by Uriel DeLeon
Education seemed to be very important to the Lost Boys.  What do you think sparked that desire?
I think that education was the desire by the lost boys because the boys new that their lives were in danger and they couldn't do anything about it which lead them into realizing that they need to find a way to survive in a new environment and in order to surive they needed to adapt to it so in this case they needed to learn english and how were they going to do that, is by trying to go to study. Throughtout the story the boys everythime they stop at a refugee camp they wanted to seatrch for a school to be around were they were staying at becuase they wanted to learn. I think in order to progress in life you have to have an education and i bet the boys knew that and it might of been a reason why they choose to continue surviving and finding a way to survive in the war world. The lost boys had a dream which was to educate themselfs and they never gived up and they also knew that they were getting into a new way of living so they needed to do the necessary to maintain themselfs adapted to it and they did. I think they really like school because they wanted to do it, they had those guts making them want to go to a school and educate themself into getting an education.