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Harris, A.

The Characters In Q & A

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Do you find the characters convincing? Are they believable? Compelling? Are they fully developed as complex, emotional human beings?
The main character in this book is Ram Mohammed Thomas.  His character is an orphan who is not very educated and works as a waiter. Throughout this book ram is telling his life story and its hard to believe what he went through just being 18 now. Ram went through corruption, sexual violations, and also theft. His best friend Salim is portrayed as kind of nerdy, he loves Hindu movies and someday wishes to become a movie star. Another character Nita, who is a prostitute; weirdly becomes the love of Ram's life. To me, pretty much all of these characters are convincing to me. There aren't all happy and perfect because that would be boring, predictable, and unreal. They relate to real life because not everyone grew up with both parents like Ram, and everyone has dreams of becoming something in life; like Salim and his movie star dream, and lastly everyone is defiantly not a prostitute. Also in real life, prostitutes don't really get loved, they get used and mistreated unlike in this book. All of these unique and different characters have real emotions and go through real problems that people go through today. Depending on certain peoples lives, they can relate to these characters and know and feel what they are going through. These characters are defiantly not simple. They have a mind of there own and all have completely different personalities that all some how blend well together. The characters in the book show a different part of life and culture too, being that they are from India. They give the reader a better understanding of the country of India while still portraying the plot of the story. Overall I liked the characers and they really told the story in an interesting way.

Talking To The Author

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If you were to talk to the author, what would you want to know?


If I were to meet Vikas Swarup I would ask him what was his thought behind doing this book. I know it was somewhat based off " Who Wants to be a Millionaire", but why did he choose that particular show. I would also ask him about the characters and how he thought of there personalities. What was the thought behind making setting in India? Why out of all places would the story be in that country? Another thing I would like to know is did he just write this book off the top of his head or was it actually planned out. I wondered that because some parts were confusing to me. I'm not sure if it was because I sometimes take a while to understand things, or because of how the book was written. I would tell him that overall the book was kind of interesting to me. What made it interesting was there were life issues going on. There were problems and fights, which made it more interesting to read. I would also tell Swarup that I liked how everything connected and flowed together. There was a nice sequence of events that came together as a weird but interesting plot. I would also ask him, would he ever write a sequel or part two.  Lastly, I would ask him how he came up with Salim’s character?  He’s dorky and he’s all in love, and adores Hindu movies. Does any of the characters relate to anyone you know? That’s it.

Ram Mohammad Thomas. . .

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Why does Vikas Swarup choose the name Ram Mohammad Thomas for his protagonist?
In the book ram's name was chosen kind of in a weird way. Since he was adopted he was brought into a different family. There was two men and they were unsure which religion he was so they included all three and thats how he got the name Ram Mohammad Thomas. I find it weird how they would even decide on that because usually religions are taken very seriously and mixing different religion names would never even be an option. But then again this whole book is full of weird senarios. The author really brought the different aspects of each characters background together and it blended together really well. Being that this book was taken place in India, it made  it even more interesting to me because there are alot of things that these characters go through, or find traditional that i would never do. Having three different religion names made Ram even more different and outgoing character t me. That just added more to what the author already had planned for his character in the book, which made me enjoy it even more.

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What did you find surprising about the information introduced in this book?
There were many things I found suprising about what I read in this book. This book was written so raw and upfront. The descriptions were very graffic and had the reader able to visualize what was being told. It's really scary and hard to believe what such young boys had to grow through. They wen't through so much things and to know how they survived it is mind bogoling. Its crazy what these boys had to see and do. From basically raising themselves, without always having definate food, water, or shelter. It's sad but it is also shocking to even know they were able to last and get the strength to keep going everyday. Based on what was in the book, these boys were extremely smart. They were able  to go through and experience things I know I coudln't even do. Going days without food or water, walking for days straight not knowing whats to come is just scary. To just think about it tells me that these boys had heart. For them to go through everything they did, and still keep a smile on their faces is just crazy to me. Reading this book definatly made me take another look at my life and the things I have all around me. On a daily bases I complain on what I don't have or what I want, but the boys in this book would kill for just a place to call home with the people they love and call family. It's just suprising that they even had to go through what they did, and for so long. This is definatly a book I can read again and even recommend.


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 My name is Alexis Harris, and I am 15 almost 16 years old. I turn 16 on June 16th. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. But after high school I want to move to Los Angeles to pursue my goals in becoming a cosmetologist and a part time bartender and video vixen. I would also like to marry a pro athlete. I used to live in Serra Mesa, and Chula Vista but now I live in downtown and I go to Kearny High School in DMD as a sophomore . I don't really like school at all. Im horrible in math but great in english. I take the city bus to and from school everyday. My favorite color is purple. I love to eat and my favorite food is curly fries at jack in the box. Even though it's not the most exciting thing, I go to bible studies on wednesday and church on sunday. I have two sisters and two nephews. I live with my mom and 1 of my sisters. My oldest sister is in the army and my dad is in the navy. I love  getting my nails done, gold, money, and spending time with my boyfriend Merrell. Im in a group called MADE with 3 of my friends and we like going to functions and kickbacks on the weekend. I hate the cold but i also hate the heat. I'm horrible with children but i kind of want to be a kindergarden teacher if everything else doesn't work out. I don't have many female friends because they are annoying and jealous, but the few I have  I love them to death. Before I die I would like to meet Trey Songz, my idol Nicki Minaj, Miles Austin, and Lil Wayne. Im a real chill person and i get along with mostly everyone. But if you make me mad i can be real mean. I never been out of the state of California, but after  i get out of school I would like to travel the world with some closest friends. I believe you only have one life so I live my life to the fullest and take chances.Well, thats pretty much all I'm going to share with you. Bye!

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