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Ram has a recurring dream of a tall woman with black hair that obscures her face. Why?

posted May 7, 2010, 3:17 PM by Savanna Huynh
In this book, Ram has the same dream of a tall woman that has black hair obscuring her face. However, each time he does have this dream, it's somehow different and has something to do with the situation. For an example, Ram tries to sniff glue at one point. When he does this, the dream happens once again except there is a scarier image of her appearance. This encourages him to stop immediately. The reader comes across this so many times in the book that he/she has to think about who she might be. Although the book doesn't have any specific explanation of who she is, I believe it is Ram's mother. It represents his only mental image and lasting memory of her. Ram lost his mother at a very young age. In fact, it was when he was just a baby. Basically, he grew up without a mother and anyone in this same situation would probably have a longing to be with her. He didn't really know that he had a mother or think about why until he was stumped with why his skin color was different than Father Timothy's. When he asked about it, Father Timothy was able to tell him exactly why. He gave Ram the story about how his mother had to leave him for some unknown reason and just left him at the steps of an orphanage. With this story, Ram pictures it as much as he can in his head and that's how this recurring dream came up. This is how he pictures her to be at that exact moment that she left him. I also think that this dream represents more than just Ram. I also believe it represents all the mothers that have "left". The reason is because in Shankar's situation, he was always talking about his mom (in gibberish, of course). He even drew pictures of her in his journal which Ram comes across. Even though his mother did not really walk away and leave him, his mom had left him mentally. She didn't care for him or even acknowledge that he was her son. Both Ram and Shankar feel the same pain and just wish for their mother to be with them again.