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Who is the most important character in this story? Why?

posted Mar 21, 2010, 9:33 PM by Ronnie LaBella

    In the story "Enrique’s Journey", the obvious answer to this question is Enrique, and even if the "planned" reader hasn’t started reading the book, they would most likely guess Enrique as the most important character in the story because his name is in the title. The story, so far, is revolving around Enrique and his life since his mother left him because she migrated to America to work and try to support Enrique by sending him money for food and cloths, but Enrique is so attached to his mother, he needed to go find her, hence the name “Enrique’s Journey”. But the story talks about Enrique’s life before he made the decision to go find his mother, it talked about the struggles he went through like the drug addiction, and the family problems he was having, which caused him to be kicked out of the house he was staying in. So far the whole story has been about Enrique, and if it wasn’t about Enrique, it would probably be his girlfriend because the part of the book I’m in, she is just setting out to go find Enrique, that would be the next closes important character in my eyes. After the book starts, it’s clear that the story is going to be about Enrique because quickly builds up suspense to his mothers leave, with clues like his mother not giving him hugs, or trying to avoid him so he wouldn’t get attached, when it does the exact opposite and makes him more attached.