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Which characters do you admire or dislike? What are their primary characteristics?

    In Q&A, I really admire Ram. I think that he is the most relatable character because in some ways, he is just like everybody else.Ram however, is very different to, especially when it comes to his means of survival. All Ram wants is to live a happy life. He wants parents, a nice home, food, and clothes. But for every little thing he wants, he has to work hard, and for somethings, do things he is not sure of. For example, in one chapter in the book, Ram is hungary, and has no money. He decides to go to the nearest McDonalds and dig for food out of the trash cans. I don't know any person who would need to or want to go trash digging for food. When I was reading about this in the book, it seemed as though finding food in the trash for lunch was no big deal to Ram. I am sure that he would rather have fresh food, but trash digging is something that a lot of poor people do. 
    Ram also has to do a lot of running away In Q&A. He often gets in situations that end in death, and the possibility of Ram being punnished. SO then he runs. He runs into the next situaution in which he has no idea what will happen. He also manages to do this without going crazy or giving up. Ram has more courage than most people and more will to go on. I think that Ram is someone to look up to because he is always true to himself no matter what happens.

Convincing or Not

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Do you find the characters convincing? Are they believable? Compelling? Are they fully developed as complex, emotional human beings?

    When I read Q&A, I feel like the characters in the story could for the most part be real people. Some of the characters like Naleema, seems a bit over the top, but her passion could really be anybodies. There are many different character and personality traits that the people in Q&A Express. For example, Mr.Babu Pillai, the man who took Salim and Ram, who thought they would be living a nice life, but were actually awaiting to be deformed to beg for money. I think that I would call Mr. Babu Pillai a socio-path, because of his lack of compassion or feeling for the little boys who work for him. Father Timothy, was another important character. He was a father to Ram, and was genuinely a good person. Salim, is one of my favorite characters. I find his obsession with film, and his homophobia amusing.I think that I find Salim so interesting because I can different parts of him in other people.  I know people who could be perfectly content with someone until they found out they had a so-called "character flaw "  like being gay, and not be able to tolerate them any longer. Not that I think that Salim's way of thinking is right, or that  i agree with him, but I think that he has a common way of seeing things. 
    Then, there is Ram. Throughout the book. Ram faces many, many different situations where he risks his life, finds a better one, and discovers what all kinds of people are capable of and how the world really works. While Ram is going through all this, I think  I could picture myself reacting in the same ways somewhat. For example, no matter what happened, I think that I would try to keep going, and I would do everything possible to make sure that my best interest was in mind,and that I could just make it to the next day.I think that the Characters are believable, because they are relatable.

Author's story

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What is/are the author(s) trying to tell you in the book?

    The author of Enrique's Journey , Sonia Nazario, has a basic goal of informing readers on what the life of a struggling immigrant from Latin America Goes through on the journey to The United States. Nazario gets the real story raw, and honest by following the Life of Enrique, a 17 year old boy on a mission to find his mother. Many people have stereo types or ignorant ideas about what Undocumented immigrant are coming form. This is mostly because people usually never get the whole story. In the story, Enrique's life is described in detail helping the reader to understand him and why he does the things he does. It helps the reader to get a general idea of any struggling latino could be like; poor, without shelter, work, and often seprated from their families.Their lives are not easy and it is obvious why one would want to immigrate north.
    I think one of the main goals of the author was to not only show the reader why someone would take the risk of unsafely traveling to the U.S illegally, but to demonstrate the journey itself by describing the thoughts, and situation of Enrique. Also, The life of Enrique's mother who is on the other side of the Boarder is show. By showing both sided of a family that are struggling to stay together and live happy live, the point comes across that every body has a story, and everybody has reasons for doind the things they do. Enrique has a story, and it speaks for many other immigrant and their Journeys to the United States.


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Discuss Enrique’s relationship with his mother. How is that relationship different from the relationships each has with other people?

    From what I have read, it seems to me that Enrique  has unconditional love fro his mother. Although he feels abandoned, he has faith in his mother. With other people, Enrique fees like he is being abondoned, and that he is not cared for. 
    Enrique knows that his mother cares for him, and is only trying to make sure that he has a good life.I think his mom is the only one Enrique seems to trust.With his grandmother and other family he doesn't feel like he is truly loved, and in a way he resents them. He also takes his pain and anger out on the people around him and doesn't seem to care. His main gaol to reach his mother  and that is the only thing he feels will make him  feel complete.  Creating friendships and making a good name for himself are really not priorities of Enrique's. To him the only relationship that matters is the one with his mother, so any other relationship that he may have suffers.

They Poured Fire...surprising

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What did you find surprising about the information introduced in this book?

    When I read this book, I found the lack of compassion for others surprising. Through out he book, the boys are suffering. They don't have parent, every day is a struggle for food and water. They also have a hard time finding a place to rest. The boys are strong how ever and don't complain. The boys are good people and are only trying to survive. Even though they are struggling, they still are decent to people. 
     Despite the kindness of the boys, the people they run into are not so nice. Some people treat the boys like criminals. For example, one of the boys is falsely accused of stealing. Sometimes  when the boys ride in trucks to get to the next destination, they get trampled on. They even get beaten for no good reason. Grown people even steal from children. Even tough most of the people in the story are desperate, I thought the adults would be strong for the little ones. I thought that the children would come first, and they would be the priority. I know that from what I have seen in my life, the saying " children are the future" has come up many times. Our parents want us to do well, and make sure that we do our best, so that we have  a secure future, no matter how hard things get. People in this story treat the children like dirt, and don't care if they have lost their parents, or they are starving. They didn't care if somebody was cold or desperate.
    Although there were a lot of negative people, it was refreshing to read about the kind people. I liked reading about how people.e shared everything they had, no matter how little it was. Some people were so generous. I made me wish more people could be like that.

How do i feel?

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How do you feel when reading the book? Why did you feel this way?

When I read "They Poured Fire..." I really feel for the boys. I am a very sensitive person so when I read about all the hardships they go through it really makes me evaluate my own life. Honestly after reading it, I have been much ore grateful for what I have and certain things don't matter any more. For example, I used to get very impatient waiting for dinner, and I would get irritated if i had to wait a while. Now as long as I know that I will be eating, the wait doesn't matter. I also appreciate my bed, my running water, my electricity, and the roof over my head. I also appreciate how my family is always around and I don't have to worry about being separated from them. I know that we are always safe. 
    When I think about all the things that were taken away from them, and all the things they are forced to go without, I imagine what it would be like if my home, and my family were taken away, I get teary eyed. I know that everything I have is important to my happiness, and it would be hard for me to do without. 
    I also know that some of the things most people supposedly can't live without, I could.  For example, I know that I don't need cable, because I'v e been without it. I know that I don't need a big house, because I don't live in one. 
    Of course my sacrifices aren't any where near as drastic and hard as those of the lost boys, but reading their story makes me a little more grateful for the things I do have, and less ungrateful about the things I don't have.

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Most of us can only remember a few events from our early life.  What do you think accounts for the three boys being able to remember so much detail? 

I think the boys are able to remember so much because from when they were little, most events were significant. The changes were significant. they went from a content, life with almost no worries, to wondering if they were going to eat. They lost their families and everything change. as for myself i remember all the big things. 
    I remember my first day of pre-school, because i wasn't home with my mom anymore. I also remember when i moved to palm Springs. Everything and everyone was different and i couldn't help but notice. For the lost boys, experiencing something that they were never used to, may have reminded them of how things ounce were.Also, the images that they saw, and the emotions they experienced must be hard to forget. Every minute must have been full of fears and intense emotions. How could they forget anything that happened to them for all those years?

About Me

posted Feb 19, 2010, 12:40 PM by! My name is Dezirae Odum, my friends call me Dez. I was borne at Sharp and have lived in San Diego most of my life. From 2nd to 4th grade I live in Palm Springs, but my family moved back to San Diego. ALL of the elementary schools I've been to include: Wegoforth, Cuberly, Miramar Ranch, and Ericson! I started middle school at Montgomery in 6th grade, and went to Taft for 7th and 8th grade. I live in Serra Mesa with my mom. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters and MY best friends are Akira and Ashley. I spend a lot of my time with my sister  Dajia who is a year younger than me and we always sing together. I really like drawing, writing, being creative and  I love listening to music. I like pop, hip hop, r&b, alternative but i really can't listen to that scremo stuff. I'm sarcastic  and strong minded but I like to keep to myself a lot. I'm interested in politics  and I think that the more you know, the better off you will be. Self education is important to me so if there is something I want to know, I look it up. Also, the smarter you are, the less likely you are to get taken advantage of.As for the future I plan on attending Cal Arts and studying digital media and design even more. I have nothing but high expectations for my future.

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