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Pacheco, J.

"Cancer cannot be stopped by simply being declared illegal"

posted May 7, 2010, 2:41 PM by Joe Pacheco   [ updated May 7, 2010, 3:23 PM ]

"Cancer cannot be stopped by simply being declared illegal" is an ironic quote to specify that laws and regulations are often ignored or broken even when it's declared illegal. Cancer symbolizes crime, a disease that is threatening to people’s lives. Like cancer, crime doesn’t have a real solution to prevent from happening again. Crime seems to be the norm in India with the protagonist, Ram Mohammad Thomas. Ram got robbed on the train by dacoits (Indian robbers) and the people couldn’t do anything to stop it.

However, Ram committed murder by killing one of the dacoits and like cancer, the disease spread on. Just because police officers patrol the streets doesn’t mean that people are safe. Police officers can only do so much to serve and protect but the criminals that outsmart the cops sometimes gets away with breaking the law. There is people who break the rules even when it’s illegal to.

It’s unknown why some people want to break the law and put themselves at risk with the law. Often when people break the law is out of anger, greed, love, and lust. Rules are sometimes made to be broken.

For those children finding their mom, it becomes a quest for the Holy Grail

posted Apr 10, 2010, 8:23 AM by Joe Pacheco   [ updated Apr 10, 2010, 8:47 AM ]

It’s a reference to how hard it is to find the Holy Grail. For children is the ultimate goal (quest) to find their parents. (Holy Grail) The Holy Grail is every explorers and archeologists dream to find the Grail. Children seek their own personal treasure, which is the relationship they share with their parents. Once that taken away, children want it back so badly that they would go through every obstacle to get there. In Enrique’s journey he would travel through multiple obstacles to get to his mother in United States. In his journey he would travel through cities and states till he made it to the U.S. The Holy Grail search is a great sense of inspiration, as explorers want to earn the title of being the one who found the legendary biblical item. In a child’s mind, their family is just as precious. It’s not the actual parents they see as a personal treasure; it quality they have is what’s so dear to the child’s heart. Like the Holy Grail, a parent’s love is priceless. Enrique’s search for his mother became his Holy Grail search. He would explorer different cities and states to get to his mother and reclaim his gem. It’s a prize that a king would only have within fingertips of achieving. Enrique’s journey was awe-inspiring and it was a courageous journey that led him to find his mother. The Holy Grail was a legend that might be true but for children finding their mom isn’t a legend if they know she exist.


posted Apr 10, 2010, 8:20 AM by Joe Pacheco   [ updated Apr 10, 2010, 8:21 AM ]

    I predict that Enrique will evolve as a person during his journey. He will experience a significant growth as he tries to reunite with his mother. During a traditional novel plot line the main character always experience an event that challenges the character and ends with the character changing. Enrique’s journey could end with a twist or an unexpected ending.
    Maybe he meeting his mom might not be exactly what he expected, maybe his journey would be in vain or a sad lesson the cold, hard reality. His journey has a significant theme that would sketch the outline on how the story might end. His journey is the highlight of the story and it portrays an inspirational theme to readers; to never give and fight to get to goals. I predict that he’ll be reunited with his mother but problems will occur when he does. He may have to pay the price to reunite with his mom. It sad that his journey would end with a slight disappointment but, Enrique would be content to at least see his mother one last time because he would feel accomplishment that he made it to America.
     I also predict that Enrique will stay in America but he’ll experience the hardship of being an illegal immigrant just like his mother did. Enrique would gain opportunities in America but at a very high cost, his mother had trouble getting started in America but was able to pull through. Enrique will soon understand that living in America is hard work but with everlasting rewards.

# How has reading They Poured Fire changed your ideas about the people and country of Sudan?

posted Apr 10, 2010, 8:15 AM by Joe Pacheco

    My ideas changed about Sudan when was sparked and the lost boys’ family were separated and killed. It was sad to read about the harsh reality of how war can affect the innocent bystanders and their communities. However, it was interesting to see the Dinka’s customs and their traditions. For example, the young males get circumcised and their responsibilities as men: tending to the cattle, hunting, and protecting their family. The women cooked for the family and cleaned the house. Traditional men in the Dinka tribe were suppose to be strong and never cry even in pain. It’s interesting how their customs compared to my customs. I’m used to have a room with a bed and wearing clothes.
    Having appliances and technology such as television, my playstation, computer, shower and air conditioner. Compared to my life as an American, I am grateful for the things I have living in a home with all the necessities to live life and I feel sympathy for the Dinka to having to experience the pain of war and losing family members in the crossfire. It’s sad to see them suffer and I read that they never had a real bed. I have a bed and I often wonder;”How would it feel if I didn’t have a bed?” I would feel horrible and it’s a thing that I need to appreciate more because I’ll never know when my bed will be taken away from me. Many people lived for so many years and never experienced what it feels like to be comfortable in a bed. It’s a sad reality that in Sudan, they sleep on the floor, rarely having a blanket to cover themselves. They have to make their clothes in order to clothe themselves. While my parents and I buy clothes already made. My idea of Africa was a subtle but poor lifestyle and I was wrong. Their life is based on survival of each day, the question that lies in their minds,” Will I live another day?” It’s the little things you need to appreciate because you never know when they are gone from your life.

What does the African proverb at the beginning of the book, “When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled” mean to you?

posted Feb 24, 2010, 4:30 PM by Joe Pacheco

            It’s a metaphor used to describe how innocent people are affected by war and disputes between people. In the novel, They Pouring Fire on us From the Sky, there is a war going on in Sudan that is causing a lot of chaos and mayhem. They’re in their 2nd war and with no sign of letting up, the innocent bystanders caught in the firing usually died or get scar by the images if war.

            It’s like the Iraq war, innocent bystanders died because of the violence that occurred. The elephant is a symbol of violence and fighting. The grass is causalities and innocent people affected by the elephant.

            It’s a sad fact that happens in every day life. It’s like the Civil Rights movement in the late 1960’s, a lot of violence occurred between the white people and black people. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of many victims caught in the crossfire. Dr. King was shot and killed in 1963.

            Violence (elephant) is always going to occur in the world and innocent people will have to pay the price for the warfare that occurs around them. In the novel the main characters lives changed because of the war that was going on. They lost their home and their parents. The consequences of the events that occurred have a longer effect on the people of that community.

            I think it’s sad because of the fact that people who had nothing to do with the dispute are personally affected by the aftermath of the issue. I think that people who are not involved with the issue shouldn’t be brought into it.

Joe Pacheco

posted Feb 18, 2010, 2:42 PM by Joe Pacheco   [ updated Feb 24, 2010, 3:54 PM ]

Hello, I'm Joe Pacheco and I'm a current senior in DMD. I'm a big fan of The Beatles and my favorite Beatle is late lead guitarist, George Harrison. He's my guitarist because of his style and he was a humble guitar player who alawys enjoyed to play for people. I'm a jolly person when it comes to humor. I enjoy shows like South Park, Family Guy and the Sarah Silverman Program. I practice guitar and I'm still practicing to play the lead chord for Twist and Shout. I play my ps3 to pass time but on my free time I always enjoy to practice guitar for at least an hour a day. I like going to mall every now and then to watch a movie with my friends. My favorite movies so far that I have saw was Sherlock Holmes and Zombieland. I want to see Welcome to Shutter Island starring Leonardo DeCaprio. I enjoy comedy, inspiring, and documentary films. I love going to gamestop to go see the new games coming in and to buy some new games for my ps3. I love to shop at Mission Valley Mall and Horton Plaza. I love to sleep because I'm lazy and don't like to get up at 6:00am. I love to play Madden because I'm good at it and I'm still undefeated as the Chargers. I'm a good writer and I write about people who I admire. I used to keep a daily log about things I've encountered or my deepest thoughts. I usually listen to music and ponder about life and my next steps in to my future. I want to be a paramedic and become a firefighter.

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