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How do you think Ram changes, if at all, during his eighteen years? Which journey had the greatest impact on him, either for better or worse?

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Ram would be considered a static character.

He has remained essentially the same throughout most his life. There was one big impact on him however, one ocureing early in his childhood, that could have been the reasons for some - if not most - of his insecuritys.

In the chapter "The burden of a priest", Ram has his first feelings of guilt when he finds out that he was an orphan. For example, after Father Timothy explained to Ram that he was orphan, Ram says he "became determined to repay, at least in part, the debt I owed him", and "began doing little chores for him". This shows me that he must have thought he was a burden and felt gulty. This also shows me that he has become self-conscious.

So on, in chapter "The burden of a priest", Ram's self-esteem was lowered quite drastically by the adults in his life. For

instance, once Father John arrived it was useauail for him to called Ram "idiot orphan boy". And after a while Ram started to refer it to himself whenever he doesnt understand something; "After all, I am only an idiot orphan boy". This shows me that since he had ongoing verbal abuse he is very self-critical and thinks himself as worthless. This would also be an explanation for his strong strive to be part of the middle-class world, his image of perfection.

By growing up verbally abused, rejected by numerous care takers, sexually traumatized, and haveing lost a loved one, his entire life has been effected. So, in the long run, this journey from the time Ram was born till he was 8 years old, has had the greatest impact, for the worst, on his existenc


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