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Rangel, D.


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I believe that a lot of characters in the book watch and are interested in movies because it is a way to escape from problems in there life. Salim is the main character that is interested in movies. He looks up to Armman Ali in the begining but later on he looses interest because his favorite movie star comes out of the closet. One reason why they like to watch movies is because of the actors. Many of them look up to actors. Salim wanted to become just like his favorite actor. At the end of the book he is able to accomplish  his goal of becoming an actor. Something that the main characters don't realize is all the stress that the actors go through. Ram finds out what the life of an actress is like when he stays with Neelima Kumar also known as the Tragedy Queen of India. In the movie Slumdog Millionare it also shows what some people in India would do just to meet there favorite actor. In the movie Jamal goes into a pile of poop just to get an autograph of his favorite action hero. I think it also shows how India has advanced in entertainment by creating Bollywood. I believe that a lot  of people all over the  world use movies as a way to escape all there problems.

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