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Several characters, expecially Ram and Salim, are big movie fans. Are movies simply a form of escapism or do they carry a more significant role in the culture?
    Well I say that, the movies that Ram and Salim had seen in Movie theatres was a way to escape from reality like the real world. They watch those movies and have a vision on how they will be the heros and save everybody and be the so called gorgeous actress. I say that it's a way for the boys to escape the real world.It could play a role in the Indian culture because Armaan is a local celebrity and the way that he live is a some what part of some people culture. Like the nice homes and having a lot of money. Also staying in nice hotels through out their adventure. It's not really a lot of ways to explain how the movie realate  back to the culture or how they use them to escape from the real world.


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What motivates a given character’s actions? Do you think those actions are justified or ethical?

    I think what motivates a character actions is, their part they are assigned to play and to stick with during the whole time  in making whatever they are trying to create for an example like a movie. Also how deep they would have to get in to their person even if it is only a two line part the actions the character is making and how far they take a two or one line part to making it seem as if it is a six line part. Just adding all of the movements and props and more to it makes it effective in a way and making there self and their part stand out even more then it could be. I think actions are justified by the person who is playing the part because its all of what they feel and what they think. If its good or not because letting someone else tell you about your own actions and skills is like letting them make your personality instead of you finding it out on your own. I say any and everyones actions and motivations is great in their own way and type of judgement. With their own personality and more.


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If you were to talk to the author, what would you want to know?

     If I were to talk to Vikas Swarup the Author of Q&A, I would want to know first on why did he choose to really write this novel. Like did a friend and or family member give him the ideas of writing about a random waitress winning a game show. Or if he had gotten inspired by someone off the streets. Next I would ask him did he like and or ever go on who wants to be a millionaire, because from me reading this book it looked as if it was well thought out with the game show and questioning because it flowed nice in a way to me as I read on through the story. Then ask if he was satisfied with his novel and if there was any parts that he would go back and change in the book, because some authors and writers is satisfied at what they have even looking over it more then once they thing it’s the best thing and wouldn’t change anything at all, then as it get all finished up and published they would have rather went back and change little small parts , take big parts out, and or add a big part in to make it sound and flow more effectively even if others say its good and nothing would need to be changed but a writer knows what they really want and what they don’t because of it being their own story.


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Our names reveal so many things about us. I think Vikas Swarup choose Ram Mohammad Thomas to be his Protagonist because the name represents three different religions christain,muslin,and Hindu. By doing this Vikas Swarup shows and displays Indians diversity in each and every street kid in India. This name shows each Christian, Muslim, and Hindu person that there is hope. However he also chooses the name because it reminded him of himself a diplomat in India. He choose Ram Mohammad Thomas because with the hope and prayer that the three religious names would help him get out the slums of India. Ram Mohammad Thomas is a commercially successful name in the eyes of religious people, which is also a reason for choosing the name. The name Ram Mohammad Thomas meets various circumstances. For example when he's with his Muslim friend he uses Mohammad. When he's with his friend the Australian diplomat he uses Thomas, and when he is with the Indian actress he uses Ram. Vikas Swarup wants richness and diversity in the protaginist he chooses. And  name he uses he does  not want to be just a cliché. The name Ram Mohammad Thomas is emblematic in India. This name gave hope. He also choose this name because he felt it would inpower the children from the slums of india. He new that the children would reconize this name and try to make it out.


Enrique's Journey

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What does the author mean when she says that for these children, finding their mothers “becomes the quest for the Holy Grail”?
    I think the author mean that since the childern is has found their mother that god has finially made a way for them maybe and made their wishes come true and that, thats all what they really wanted in the egaining its just like how god died after he took his drink he was just trying to be worthy for his people so basiclly the kids are happy and proud for finding their mom. Also I think the author means that the search for this relic has occupied many minds throughout the ages. Howeer the author could also mean it is the thing most sought after. She i think is Asiclly showing that they found hope in their journey while they was trying to fight their mothers.

Enrique's Journey

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Discuss Enrique’s relationship with his mother. How is that relationship different from the relationships each has with other people? bv
    Enrique's relationship with his mother is not so strong. His mother was not there for him she lefted him when he was just a little boy with his grandmother and didn't come back for him when she was supposed to. Enrique basicly had beter relationships with other people them his mother, like with his grandma, girlfriend, uncle, and more. He was closer to his Uncle Marco than he was with his grandmother even though she was the one who took him in and taking care of him. Uncle Marco treated Enrique like he was his own child. He gave him money and took him anywhere he wanted to go. Enrique loved his uncle and he believed that was the only person he had left that actually reall cared for him. Until Marco died and Enrique had nothing else to lose. The difference is that if he had a good relationship with his mother i think that he would have went and started looking for her already instead of doing it after his uncle died. Also the difference is that his uncle was there for him and didn't leave him, his mother did.

They poured Fire

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Why do you think the co-author, Judy A. Bernstein, opens the memoir with an Introduction and ends it with an Epilogue?
    I think she started it like that because she wanted to get everyone's attention. Starting off with something instersting and giving people what they want and what they like. I also think she wrote it like that because she wanted to let people know the idea of the story and who really wrote it and why they wrote it. Also why they came to america like what was the purpose of them coming here. Knowing that they was staring and didn't have anywhere to sleep made people open up their eyes and finally people tried to help even though they didn't have to.Knowing that they just wrote their life time story just for the co-author to read she thought it was good enough to publish and let people know whats going on from actual people who used to stay their. Also it showed that they didn't know how to use or do American things like the toilet they had to be trained to use it. I just think she did this to show people that it's serious out in South Africa.

They Poured Fire

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Does the mood of the story change? How?
Yes I say the mood change because it goes back and fourth with the sad happy mood. Like when they was back in their home they was so happy and glad until they had to go away from their home because people came and  started shooting up their homes. Thats when the mood changed to a sad mood.They was loosing their family members and mothers and fathers also friends.Also it change at a part when he had his pet monkey and the monkey died at a careless sad momment from him pushing it against a tree.It also had a change when they was on the truck with the SPLA and one of the men used the restroom on his bag and blanket that he liked more then anything in the world, not only that ,when they was hungery,all they can do was be sad and think of what could be next. The mood changed by the dinkas family not being there well most of their family not being there. The  mood change through out the whole entire story. When it gets closer to the end the mood is changed to happieness because their on their way to getting out of the worst in Sudan.

They Poured Fire

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What did you find surprising about the information introduced in this book?



    What was found surprising about this book The Lost Boys, was how much they been through at a young age. Being five and having to go through with your parents dieing having to run from your home so you wouldn’t get killed is an upsetting moment. Before I read this book I used to sometimes make little jokes here and there about people like them but not only me others was to. If they was reading what I am reading now, on how they had to walk thousands of miles with no food or water and they would just drop and die, people didn’t care about them, they had lice that was so big as they cut their hair you can see them fall out, I believe they would feel bad like I am right know. It was surprising on how bad they are living and not knowing they really need help and most of them are sick. Knowing that it makes me want to go and help the people that send them food, clothes, and things to sleep under because it’s not a fiction story it’s a true story and I think that’s why I recognized it more because I new all the words in that book was true. It was wrong how they just got invaded in their own town and house with them not worrying to doing anything to anybody, they was just trying to survive the fact that they new life can end at any careless moment.


Rameica's Biography:)

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Hola, my name is Rameica Sharpe as you can see I speak two different languages. Spanish and English, English is my first language. I am an outgoing person and a person that is always up for anything. I love taking pictures of my self and my friends. The website that interests most is because you can create and design your own picture including the one you took yourself and friends. You can also add captions on your picture anything you want it's super fantastic and very easy, any one can do it. Also I like cheering. I am a varsity cheerleader at Kearny High School. I am glad to have this opportunity to be a leader of this school because I have a lot of sprit on and off of are school. I also attend different sports like softball and track for Kearny. With all of these sports going on i have to keep up my grades which isn't that hard if you do it when your supposed to. I have a lot of activities after that keeps me going until I get home, I am a busy person but make time for my fam[ily]. I keep a smile on my face all the time and i just have fun with my life because life is too short not to have fun. I inspirer a lot of people and more with different things that happens in the day even if i do something wrong I know it will turn out great at the end.:)

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