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Enrique's Journey

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Discuss Enrique’s relationship with his mother. How is that relationship different from the relationships each has with other people? bv
    Enrique's relationship with his mother is not so strong. His mother was not there for him she lefted him when he was just a little boy with his grandmother and didn't come back for him when she was supposed to. Enrique basicly had beter relationships with other people them his mother, like with his grandma, girlfriend, uncle, and more. He was closer to his Uncle Marco than he was with his grandmother even though she was the one who took him in and taking care of him. Uncle Marco treated Enrique like he was his own child. He gave him money and took him anywhere he wanted to go. Enrique loved his uncle and he believed that was the only person he had left that actually reall cared for him. Until Marco died and Enrique had nothing else to lose. The difference is that if he had a good relationship with his mother i think that he would have went and started looking for her already instead of doing it after his uncle died. Also the difference is that his uncle was there for him and didn't leave him, his mother did.