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What motivates a given character’s actions? Do you think those actions are justified or ethical?

    I think what motivates a character actions is, their part they are assigned to play and to stick with during the whole time  in making whatever they are trying to create for an example like a movie. Also how deep they would have to get in to their person even if it is only a two line part the actions the character is making and how far they take a two or one line part to making it seem as if it is a six line part. Just adding all of the movements and props and more to it makes it effective in a way and making there self and their part stand out even more then it could be. I think actions are justified by the person who is playing the part because its all of what they feel and what they think. If its good or not because letting someone else tell you about your own actions and skills is like letting them make your personality instead of you finding it out on your own. I say any and everyones actions and motivations is great in their own way and type of judgement. With their own personality and more.