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They Poured Fire

posted Mar 7, 2010, 10:21 PM by
Does the mood of the story change? How?
Yes I say the mood change because it goes back and fourth with the sad happy mood. Like when they was back in their home they was so happy and glad until they had to go away from their home because people came and  started shooting up their homes. Thats when the mood changed to a sad mood.They was loosing their family members and mothers and fathers also friends.Also it change at a part when he had his pet monkey and the monkey died at a careless sad momment from him pushing it against a tree.It also had a change when they was on the truck with the SPLA and one of the men used the restroom on his bag and blanket that he liked more then anything in the world, not only that ,when they was hungery,all they can do was be sad and think of what could be next. The mood changed by the dinkas family not being there well most of their family not being there. The  mood change through out the whole entire story. When it gets closer to the end the mood is changed to happieness because their on their way to getting out of the worst in Sudan.