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They poured Fire

posted Mar 15, 2010, 6:15 PM by
Why do you think the co-author, Judy A. Bernstein, opens the memoir with an Introduction and ends it with an Epilogue?
    I think she started it like that because she wanted to get everyone's attention. Starting off with something instersting and giving people what they want and what they like. I also think she wrote it like that because she wanted to let people know the idea of the story and who really wrote it and why they wrote it. Also why they came to america like what was the purpose of them coming here. Knowing that they was staring and didn't have anywhere to sleep made people open up their eyes and finally people tried to help even though they didn't have to.Knowing that they just wrote their life time story just for the co-author to read she thought it was good enough to publish and let people know whats going on from actual people who used to stay their. Also it showed that they didn't know how to use or do American things like the toilet they had to be trained to use it. I just think she did this to show people that it's serious out in South Africa.