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Smith, S.

Q & A -Hitman #8.

posted May 7, 2010, 2:53 PM by shay shay

I think Salim's decision to give Ahmed the hit man; a picture of Manman was a good decision. He had the choice to give the picture of the Abbasrazvi, which was originally posed to be killed. But instead he gave the picture of Manman, so that he would still get the acting role from Abbarazvi. And now that Manman was out the way he didn't have much fear to live in with him dead; in plus he deserved to die. Technically Salim is guilty of murder, because he interfered with the hitman's situation and he chose for another man to die, rather than the one who was appointed to be murdered. And also Salim pushed Shantaram down the stairs not intentionally murdering him- but he died. These acts aren't really justifiable, but if you consider what the victims were doing, it made no difference from what he was doing. If you really think about it, either way it went someone was going to be hurt or killed. Like Gudiya she was going to be raped by her drunken father, so instead of her being raped Salim pushed Shantaram down a flight or stairs. And Ahmed received a hit that was put out for Abbasrazvi, its either he would of died but instead Manman died. He did wrong to the people anyways, so in a way this was like karma for Manman.

African Proverb

posted Mar 1, 2010, 6:15 PM by shay shay

    I think that the African proverb, "
When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled," is referring to the war. The two elephants are a metaphor for the two different side of the war.  While this war is going on with all the government officials and the countries the children that live in the territories are being put in danger.  So therefore the government officials aren't being affected by the war, they don't think of the outcomes from it. The children of Sudan who had to flee from the home land without any guidance or that much support were trampled; mentality and physically. These young boys were so young that they had not that much guidance, but from the few soldiers. So basically the boys of Sudan were trampled by the war and they were helpless just as the grass was.

Shaleese Smith's Bio

posted Feb 21, 2010, 5:38 PM by shay shay

    My Name is Shaleese Trina Smith. I'm 16 years of age, looking forward to turning 17 December 16th. I have a simple life. My Monday-Thursday consist of going to Kearny DMD, hanging out with Savannah, Avery, and Liz. Then home to do my homework, eat, and talk on the phone. I have a few bad habits, I tend to be louder than needed, but I can careless. I sing and rap in the shower, eat a lot of junk foods, have random outburst, and laugh at everything. Although I eat a lot I'm a picky eater, I mainly eat mac&cheese, chicken, hot fries, or taco shop. I have to have soda everyday, can't live without it; it's a need for me. I wish I was the only child, unfortunately I'm not. I have 4 siblings; they know how to work my nerves. But at the end of the day there lovable. I have a best friend; her name is Kayla E'Shay Love. We do everything together, whether its dyeing our hair bright colors, sneaking out, taking our 145346 pictures, anything you can think of she's by my side. Another main part if my life is social media. MySpace, Aim, Formspring, or texting... I stay on them 24/7 if it's not on the computer; it's on my cell phone. I can't even imagine life without these things. There another must have in my life. I don't get myself involved in too much, I'd rather stay to my few chosen few and I. It makes life much easier. This is my life, pretty simple. Nothing more, nothing less. It's Shaleese!

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