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York, D.

Passage From the Book

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    Madame Mao is a character that I both like and dislike. What I like about her is that she is determined to get what she wants. She doesn't want to give up even with all the odds against her.What I dont like about her is that in her determination to get something, she gets "blinded" and doesn't always see the consequences of her actions until it's too late. Also, she tries to please people to get something that sometimes doesn't belong to her. So I like her determination, but I don't like the fact that she steps on whoever she needs to to get what she is after.
    Another character I like is Kang Shen. I like him because even though he wroks for Mao, he's not afraid to help Madame Mao when she really needs his help. In a way, he is like her big brother. He watches out for her, but she pays him back for some of the work and infromation he gives her.
    So the two chararcters that like like from Becoming Madame Mao are Madame Mao and Kang Shen.

Future for Ram

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    Even though Ram hasn't had any schooling, I feel that he will go on to be a great person. He's been through a lot in his life and he can use that knowledge in many other things other than the quiz show. And the fact that he has a billion rupees will help as well.
    He's already freed the kids that were abused by Maman, is producing Salim's movies, let's Lajwanti stay with him, and has married Nita. There can be many things that he can help with.
    He could end up going to school to help further the possilbilities of his furture. He could end up with a huge business or running a place for abused and disabled children.
    The possiblilties can be endless, Ram just has to see them.

Manageable Dreams

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    When Lajwanti had stolen the madam's necklace, she had big dreams for her sister's wedding. After all the work of getting the necklace, she ended up getting caught. Ram was thinking back and thought about how Lajwanti had dreams that "unmanageable", and how all he'll w\ever have are "manageable" dreams. 
    I think what Ram means is that a manageabl dream is a dream that is  possible to achieve in the existing circumstances. Lajwanti's dream was to have a big wedding for her sister and to give her sister a Bajaj scooter, s Sumeet mixer, five Raymond suits, and some gold jewlry. The only things is, she doesn't have enough money for all of it. Ram's dreams are to marry a prositute and live with her forever.
    Manageable dreams are sort of similar to goals. It's something that you have to work towards to complete it. Making a goal that is to hard to achieve, then the dream of achieving that goal will not come true.


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For some people, movies are a way to escape the hardships of their life. For others, movies are a base for their mannerisms. For Salim, movies were a way for him to worship his hero, Armaan Ali. Also, they were the base of his dream of becoming an actor. For Nita, they were a way to have fun that didn't include the brothel. For Ram, they were a way to see the best actresses.

    After meeting Neelima Kumari, the reader also sees that movies become a way of life for the people in them. Neelima always looked her best and always made references to the movies she had been in. When recognized on the street, she had a new glow to her and it changed the way she acted around Ram for a little while.

    Without movies, life as we know it probably would be quite boring. They bring excitement to the people. Little kids dream of growing up to be as adventurous as Indiana Jones or strong as Superman. Without movies, people wouldn't be able to escape to a fantasy land or a new planet.

    Movies bring fun and excitement, ways to escape, and dreams for dreamers. Without movies, life would be quite different.


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"...Tell me, how much do you make every month?'

    "Around nine hundred rupees."

    "That's all? And what will you do if you win today?"

    "I don't know."

    "You don't know?"


    Dialogue between Ram Mohammad Thomas and Prem Kumar.

    Ram hadn't thought about winning the game show when Kumar had asked him what he would do with the money if Ram won. His only ambition at the time was to get revenge on the man who had abused Neelime Kumari and Nita. That man was Prem Kumar. That was the reason Ram had enter to be on the quiz show to begin with. He wasn't on the show for the money.

    During Ram's life, however, revenge was not the only ambition that he had. When he was younger, his ambition was to survive the juvenile home and living with Maman. When he was able to work and earn money, his ambitions were to get a lot of money and live middle class. After meeting Nita, his ambitions were to get enough to "buy" her from her brother.

    So during a life time, ambitions can change. Ram is an example of that. First, it was surviving, then get enough money to fulfill he dreams, then to get revenge.



Killing Prem Kumar

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      Even though Ram has killed two men before meeting Prem, he is unable to kill him. Try as he might, he just can't. He focuses on why he is trying to kill Prem, revenge for abusing Neelima Kumari and Nita. But what he summons up is not anger but sadness. Then he tries to think of all the things that happened in his life the hurt him and made him angry, but still he cannot become angry enough to kill Prem.

    He thinks over what he is doing then realizes,"...Try as I might, I cannot kill in cold blood, not even vermin like Prem Kumar." He can't do it no matter how angry and upset Prem makes him. He cannot take the revenge that he wants. He can't do it. He cannot murder the man.

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